By God, you raised our heads

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WE receive daily news about young Kuwaiti women and men who won awards, impressive titles and unprecedented certificates from prestigious foreign countries; such as the United States, Britain and the European countries where scientific and professional centers and scientifically renowned universities are located, unlike our university that is in the last position.

Although our university has existed since the mid-1960s, it has been marred by absurd appointments and promotions that afflicted most of our official positions; not to mention the misfortunes we see and hear daily. It is either we do not know these misfortunes or we replaced them with others.

The government was not alone in taking such steps, as the representatives of the people, tribes, and hard-line religious parties — from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Salafists — have also participated. God does not multiply like them.

One of our councils took a non-judgmental action at the request of our fundamentalists, with the participation of the representatives of Al-Rasheedah and Al-Basama members — amendment of the Nationality Law, so that our Christian brothers in humanity are excluded from naturalization, even though we enjoy the products of their bright ideas in our daily lives. As per the decisions of the ‘irrational’ authority, they were replaced by those with dual nationalities (those who have another nationality aside from the Kuwaiti citizenship). We see hundreds of them coming to Kuwait on Election Day. Buses transport them to elect the degraded and those ousted from their tribes, for us to suffer during their four-year term unless their parliament is dissolved. Someone did nothing about them when he assumed the presidency — a position he still occupies now.

I mentioned our Christian brothers in nationality and humanity when I was informed about the marriage of one of their sons to the most famous and beautiful Hollywood actress — Lindsay Lohan. She recently got married to a businessman — Bader Shammas — after a seven-month engagement period. God bless them in this marriage, God willing.

Bader Shammas belongs to the Kuwaiti Christian Shammas family, which runs one of the churches in Kuwait. We tested the blessings that God bestowed upon us among members of the parliamentary and governmental authorities who approved the unjust law banning the naturalization of a Christian.

Shammas is a businessman with a prominent background as per the news published by Al-Rai daily on July 4.  According to the news, his family is one of the first Kuwaiti Christian families. Most of the Kuwaiti Christians come from 12 families, including the Shammas Family, which hails from Turkey. One of its members, the late Saeed Shammas, represented us as an ambassador to the Soviet Union, France and others.

Bader Shammas was born in Kuwait to a Kuwaiti father and a Lebanese mother. He completed his university studies in the United States of America. He currently resides and works with his family in Dubai. He holds Emirati citizenship.

We are proud of Bader Shammas, in the same manner that we are proud of the eminent people of this country and their strength in developed foreign countries, while their mother country does not appreciate them.

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 26087 times!

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