Bush deserves it

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GEORGE H.W. BUSH was a source of hope and jubilation during the horrible Iraqi invasion when he condemned it at its early stages. He said this aggression would not last and the invasion should not continue.

When the coalition of more than 30 countries came, he issued within the United Nations Security Council the invocation of Chapter VII of the United Nations Charter to liberate Kuwait even before obtaining approval from Congress, wherein a slight majority later approved the decision to go to war.

During the invasion, Kuwaitis in and outside the country considered the statements made by this man a source of hope and remedy for the pain caused by the betrayal of a brother. The pain intensified when some countries, ungrateful to Kuwait, sided with the aggressor.

It was a great shock for the people of this country when countries and organizations, which Kuwait never hesitated to help with anything, decided to stand with the aggression.

George H.W. Bush went on to stand with the Kuwaiti right, followed by honorable countries with integrity such as other GCC countries, Egypt, Syria, etc, in the coalition to liberate Kuwait from the claws of the savage that exceeded all savagery due to what they did to Kuwait and its people.

Let us take a moment to imagine. If, may Almighty Allah forbid, the invasion happened today under the famous reign of billionaire Donald Trump, what would be our situation and hope, especially since the guy bargains with cent and dollar? How many billions would we have paid him?

This is a blessing that Almighty Allah bestowed upon Kuwait, its people and leaders who put their complete trust in this trustworthy person – Bush. They did not listen to the voices of childish fundamentalists who decided that Kuwait should be liberated in an Islamic manner as per their standards.

This is what late Sheikh Saud Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, our ambassador in Washington at the time, told us later.

The sadness and sorrow of the people of Kuwait and its leaders over this man are genuine. However, death is a path every creature will go through and there is no objection to Divine Wisdom.

But, it has to be there, we want something to remind us of this man forever. We want to imitate advanced countries like France which built statues of US leaders who helped in its liberation during World War I and II.

They named their avenues and major streets after these leaders to remind every French citizen about what this or that stranger did for this French man or woman to live free, peaceful and with reassurance in his country.

Why not name one of our major streets ‘George H.W. Bush’? We hope this will not create a problem similar to Clause Four of Article Five of the Nationality Law.

We see our streets being named after people whose names we heard for the first time and all they did for this country was to die as mentioned by our late colleague Muhammad Musaeed Al-Saleh.

It is worth remembering that some of our major streets were named after the late Jamal Abdul Nasser, the late Fahad bin Abdulaziz, the late Khaled bin Abdulaziz and the late Essa Al-Khalifa – may Allah have mercy on their souls.

Why not name one of our vital streets after this man who restored, by the grace of Almighty Allah, life in us after our brother betrayed us?

This is the least we could do for George H.W. Bush in his grave … and he deserves it.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 19338 times!

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