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Building caretakers rip off prospective tenants – Commission ranges from KD 150 – KD 200

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 20: The caretakers of some residential buildings have increased the commission they expect from prospective tenants for reserving flats from KD 150 to KD 200 and sometimes even a smartphone, reports Al-Rai daily.

This truth was depicted in an Egyptian movie titled “Al-Baih Al-Bawab” (His Excellency the Guard). This phenomenon is more common when renting small flats with one bedroom and one hall due to high demand, especially after the decision to reduce housing allowance of teachers from KD 150 to KD 60 was implemented.

Mansour, who is the caretaker (Haris) of a residential building for ten years, said he demands a fixed commission of KD 150 for every new contract.

Another caretaker Abu Khalaf said he reaches an agreement with the tenant to pay him KD 100 at the time of signing the contract and then KD 10 every month for cleaning the building and washing the car and KD 10 for any occasion.

He revealed that his salary is only KD 100 which is not enough to cover his expenses due to which he is forced to find other sources of income.

A Kuwaiti citizen Hussain Khalil said the real-estate office took KD 157 as commission before signing the rental contract and then the caretaker asked him for a tip of KD 100.

Another citizen Abu Abdulaziz said most of the caretakers do like to rent flats to citizens under the pretext that they do not pay the rents, indicating that some owners insist on receiving the salary certificates of both the husband and the wife and payment of a certain sum of money in order to approve renting out a flat to them.

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  1. So this is legal in Kuwait?

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