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We explained in a previous article that one of the outcomes of the National Conference held in the Saudi city of Jeddah in October 1990, at the height of Saddam’s despicable occupation of Kuwait, was the consolidation of the hidden and strong alliance that was between the government on one hand, and the Muslim Brotherhood, on the other, especially after the Brotherhood’s standing with the Prime Minister against the demands of the national forces at the time, and their open support for the rule and its stability, albeit ostensibly, of course, and their standing against more freedoms and demand for more religious extremism, through the application of Sharia in various aspects of life.

The Muslim Brotherhood and their party were rewarded, reaping its forbidden fruits after liberation, and until today.

We also showed how those traditional religious forces invested that sympathy, or the hidden strong alliance in fortifying their influence, and how they succeeded in penetrating the majority, if not all, of state facilities and institutions during the past thirty years and obtained licenses to establish dozens of charity associations and branches, all of which belong to the international organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, and whose role was to collect billions of dollars for them, especially immediately after the liberation and until the events of September 11, 2011, in which government oversight on fundraising was almost non-existent.

There is not enough space here to list the full amount of money and influence that the Brotherhood had at its disposal as a result of their alliance with successive governments which opened for them the doors to schools, malls and the official media, the last of which was empowering those who represent them to appear for one hour, perhaps during the entire month of Ramadan, on state TV to answer the viewers’ questions, and were paid more than 4000 dinars per day, an amount that no university professor, scientist at the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research or distinguished engineer in any government institution receives, for eight or nine hours work for thirty days.

Not only that but the Ministry of Information also spent another huge amount, and in a strange precedent, to promote the preacher’s program, which does not include any creativity. What is happening is contempt for science and scholars, and an exaggerated promotion of the religious State.

In another aspect of the show of strength, the ideological religious parties gathered relatively large numbers of women in Grand Mosque Courtyard and in the temporary hall attached to it, to perform prayers to signify the religiosity of society, a well-known reality that did not require such a charade, but their presence has never represented the overwhelming majority as some of the covert Brothers have promoted, and their gathering is not considered a civilized response to TV series they consider immoral.

The response is not by raising one’s voice, but by promoting logic and the teaching of good morals, and not with political religiosity. The link between the number of women praying and some phenomena is funny and a deceit.

This gathering which did not exceed a thousand women, perhaps did not contribute to changing their miserable moral situation, nor our progress, civilly, scientifically and morally but rather increased the religious dose in society, and nothing else.

A look at the level of commitment of government employees, male and female to work hours during Ramadan is the best answer.

Note: We thank the Ministry of Interior for their intervention and stopping the “Tatbeer” ritual which some were planning to hold, and which some representatives would inevitably have exploited to offend the Shiite component of society.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 19939 times!

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