Brotherhood Party and hunting of ‘wild boars’

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The professor asked his students: “What do you know about hunting wild boars?” And the reply was “This is done by finding a suitable place in the jungle and placing corn on the ground. The pigs will find the corn and get used to coming every day to eat it.

Next, we build a fence on one side of the area designated for the corn. Initially, the cautious pigs are intimidated by the barrier, but over time, they will grow accustomed to it and return to eat the corn.

A second fence must then be erected, catching the attention of the pigs, but they eventually got accustomed and continued enjoying their ‘easy and delicious’ food.

This pattern repeated and fences were built on all the sides, leaving only a gate for the pigs to enter and feed on the corn. However, once they entered, the gate was closed, causing the wild boars to panic upon realizing they have been trapped. They darted around the enclosure in distress, but hunger or greed soon led them back to the alluring ‘easy and delicious’ corn.”

Tragically, their acquiescence to easy rewards and the abandonment of caution resulted in captivity and, ultimately, their fate — slaughter.

A parallel can be drawn to how certain governments, often with encouragement from religious factions, exert control over their people. They limit the nation’s freedoms in specific areas while offering distractions, such as increased rations, subsidized electricity, tax exemptions, favorable loans, and other incentives.

These enticements preoccupy the population with immediate gains, diverting attention from the erosion of freedoms and the appointment of unqualified individuals to critical roles. This manipulation is akin to the wild boars being lured by “abundant, easy, and free kernels of corn.”

An essential and straightforward truth should always be remembered: “There is no such thing as a free lunch.” Anything offered for free typically conceals a concealed incentive. The origin of this saying traces back to American salons offering a “free” lunch to customers with the condition of purchasing at least one glass of a drink.

Unbeknownst to patrons, the complimentary food often contained a high salt content, like cured meat. Thirsty individuals seeking a free lunch ended up purchasing multiple cups of drink, allowing the salon to profit beyond the cost of the free lunch provided.

Marx once emphasized the critical idea that removing one freedom from each generation, over time, will erode the concept of freedom until it is no longer recognizable or valued by subsequent generations.

Lastly, the UAE generously granted citizenship to bedoun residing in Kuwait, openly expressing their joy about this development.

Given Kuwait’s delicate circumstances and the potential internal ramifications of a substantial naturalization process, which the UAE’s sister nations do not experience, it would be prudent for everyone to collaborate and assist Kuwait in resolving its Bedoun predicament.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 4063 times!

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