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Bravo ‘Interior’, for silencing national unity’s booby-trappers

THE publication of names and pictures of 16 convicts who disappeared is an excellent move by the Ministry of Interior; those convicts are involved in the infamous ‘Abdali Cell’ case.

With this publication, the ministry has connected the dots, ending the bickering not only over ‘Al-Seyassah’ and its sources’ credibility but also national unity which some aggravators are molding based on their whims — whenever it suits them, they ignore it in cold blood.

However, when they spot an opportunity to settle their feuds with others, they play victims thinking that people have forgotten what they have done. They also forgot that people did not fall for their crocodile tears which usually drop whenever there is smoke of sedition as they try to ignite it in society from time to time.

Indeed, the convicts took advantage of the loophole in the legal system to flee to Iran which recruited them and procured for them explosives, funds and weapons in order to destabilize the security and peace of this country.

Perhaps at this point, some of those feigning tears over national unity should reconsider an article of the law restricting both the Interior Ministry and the judiciary.

Whoever traded with national unity in previous days, scurrying from two reports on the front page of ‘Al-Seyassah’ in this regard, was only attempting to settle a personal feud due to the fact that the editorial and political line of the newspaper do not align with his suspicious positions and trends.

This daily newspaper uncovered faces of conspirators against the security of Kuwait several times — in fact, the security of the entire region under the pretext of moving flames of ‘winter bloodshed’ masqueraded by destructive groups as ‘Arab Spring’.

The ‘plague’ of some who claim to be politicians is not the use of double standards; it is having scores of standards.

They allow themselves to insult regional leaders and governments, while trying to tailor the position of Gulf nationals according to their perspective which does not go beyond the tip of the nose.

One of them targeted national unity of the Gulf region through divide and conquer, the other criticized the government for implementing Gulf agreements, and another one announced his opposition towards Kuwait’s participation in the Peninsula Shield Force to protect Bahrain’s security or the Arab coalition against the Persian expansionism plans … why wasn’t national unity taken as a motive to counter them?

If these people are striving to establish their dishonesties through distortion of facts, ‘Al-Seyassah’ will never fall into that trap. In fact, this newspaper will never become a mouthpiece of their positions in defending Iran’s regime, whether directly or indirectly.

This regime (Iran) and its clone Hezbollah were indicted by the Kuwaiti judiciary in one of the dangerous State Security cases. If it were not for the vigilance of officers in the Interior Ministry, Kuwait would have been transformed into another Syria or Libya. Therefore, there is no way Iran can be trusted; we will continue to warn about its plans.

Indeed, the Interior Ministry’s publication of the names and pictures of those who evaded justice was an excellent move. We are informing that those fugitives are not in Kuwait, they have been in Iran for quite some time.

Hence, we assert that the Interior Ministry and the judiciary are not to be blamed on this issue. Instead, blame should fall on Members of Parliament who did not exert effort to amend laws and cover loopholes penetrated by defendants.

The MPs should do this today rather than having exhibition sessions for settling personal feuds due to the transfer of this or appointment of that, or facilitation of illegal transactions and increasing their electoral popularity through populist speeches which further complicate issues and crumble peace and security of the Kuwaiti society.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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