Boycott of French goods is not the solution

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 25: Boycott of French goods and commodities seems to be the most popular demand of many sects in the Kuwaiti society as an immediate response to the offenses against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). However, this boycott, which many call for from time to time, has proven to be ineffective on various previous occasions, reports Al-Qabas daily.

According to observers, such boycotts do not represent a successful retaliation. It is always an angry emotional response, the effect of which turns out to be limited. If it harms the other party, it is at the same time harming the local public, which is deprived of certain goods.

The volume of trade exchange between the two countries, although not small (in the first half of this year, it amounted to 362.7 million Euros), will not change the official French positions. Therefore, civilized dialogue is the most reliable and effective weapon in obtaining rights.

They believe that legal action by civil society organizations, for example, is the most effective way to restore rights. Because the boycott, which is being advocated by many, is a symbolic situation, the message to be conveyed may not reach the party to whom it is sent.

Many indicate that boycotting food commodities is just an angry reaction, which quickly loses its effect, due to the presence of many goods that are difficult for the public not to do with, for instance, French medicine, which patients urgently need and are used to

This news has been read 69328 times!

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