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Friday , December 3 2021

Bought visa and came to Kuwait – Now want to transfer to another company

I recently moved to Kuwait on Article 18 visa and trying for a job outside. But almost all the companies are asking for transferable residence and I heard that it is not possible to get transferred to another employer till I complete atleast one year under current sponsor. Anyhow I am not working under him and willing to transfer my visa. Is it possible to get transfer before one year. I am a bachelor’s degree holder from recognised university of India. Your response is highly appriciated.

Name withheld

Answer: Who ever gave you the visa, ie., the sponsor is mandated by the Labor Law to provide you with a job and you are expected to work three years for him before you can ask him to release you to join another company. The sponsor, if he so desires, can release you before the expiry of the mandated three years but you should at least work one year for the sponsor before any visa transfer can be effected.

From the tone of your writeup we are of the opinion that you bought your visa to come to Kuwait and now looking for a job with your ‘bought’ visa. Be reminded that under the laws of Kuwait it is an offence to engage in visa trading and you will be exposing yourself by going round looking for a job which your sponsor is the one legally bound to offer you. A word to the wise is enough.

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