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Booster dose still being given at Mishref vaccination center

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KUWAIT CITY, April 23: The Kuwait Vaccination Center in the Mishref exhibition grounds and other health centers in various parts of the country continue to receive citizens and residents for the booster dose, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to a health official, the number of those who received the booster dose as of Tuesday, April 19 reached about 1.3 million. The number of people vaccinated with two doses is more than 3.3 million. The COVID-19 infection rate is currently 56 cases per day, with three patients in intensive care, and eight cases in the wards designated for COVID-19.

The daily infection rate versus the number of swab tests is 1.6 percent. The health official explained that many factors push the concerned authorities in the country to speed up the easing of the restrictions and comprehensive openness, most notably the decline in the infection rate, the strengthening of community immunity, the low number of cases in intensive care and COVID-19 wards, and the decrease in deaths, in addition to very mild symptoms among people who are infected with the virus. However, the Ministry of Health is continuing with the epidemiological investigation and monitoring of variants regionally and globally.

The percentage of new infection cases versus the number of daily swab tests in the country has decreased to 1.6 percent, which is a positive indicator of the disease’s developments. This is because the efforts of the health staff are continuing on more than one level, such as conducting tests in separate locations to ensure the reduction of spread of infection and transmission of infection to some segments, such as the elderly and those with chronic diseases, especially during social events and Ramadan gatherings. The treatment protocol followed with the COVID-19 patients in the country plays a major role in the patients’ recovery. Patients are treated with the best available treatments, in proportion to the classification of the patient’s condition.

Also, most of the provided treatments are based on clinical studies that have shown positive results when used with patients. The complications that can occur to patients, especially severe and critical cases, are reduced with the best available methods and treatments based on scientific evidence. The official affirmed the keenness of the ministry during the COVID-19 pandemic to keep abreast of all developments related to the treatment of COVID-19 patients, and to update the treatment protocol whenever needed during the crisis. This has contributed to updating the treatment protocols in line with global health developments. He said the ministry also insisted on the use of separate medicines in certain doses and for a specific period for patients who need to be treated with large quantities of oxygen, or those who needed a respiratory system, which reduced the number of deaths and increased recovery rates.

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