Bloody wrath knocks on Tehran’s tyrannical doors

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THE populace uprising in Iran which started early this year against the Mullah regime is just the beginning of a rapidly intensifying uprising due to corruption that exceeded expectations, even the one which prevailed when the Shah era ended through a coup.

Addressing officials and officers of the military forces guarding the regime; representative of Khamenei in the Revolutionary Guard Sheikh Ali Saeedi said, “The sense of failure currently experienced in the country is due to the spread of corruption and preference for personal interests over public interests among officials in State agencies.” This is not just the opinion of a casual person. It is from a person on a higher level of the security pyramid of Iran’s regime.

This culture of corruption is exported to areas where Iran has influence. This is being done under the pretext of exporting the revolution which, according to Saeedi, is a two-faced coin.

Therefore, it is logical that the outcome of such steps incites unrest in neighboring countries and the entire world; because there is a desperate need for the regime to cover up the corrupt activities of its officials and the ruling religious elite by preoccupying its people with global conspiracy allegations against Iran.

It was possible in the past three decades to sneak through such allegations due to limited communication capabilities and information control by the State. However, today’s world is different as it is now easy to find the truth behind issues, especially since the Iranian population is dominated by youths who constitute 63 percent of the total number of citizens.

This population continues to endure 13 percent unemployment rate as the number of educated people and graduates who spend years before getting jobs continues to increase. They keep on seeing with their naked eyes the billions of expenditures on interfering with the affairs of neighboring countries.

They continue to see the caskets of their brothers and children returning from Syria, Iraq and Yemen due to wars which are against their future. They are fully aware of the fact that the only objective of Iran in such wars is to preoccupy Iranians, away from their concerns and internal problems.

The word of Ali Saeedi was an attempt to absorb the anger of Iran’s military personnel, especially those in ‘Basij’ and the Revolutionary Guard, who found themselves confronting their families in recent demonstrations.

He attempted to hurl accusations at other factions which are in discord over governance. He accused the reformist factions of corruption, while insinuating that the condition of the country would have changed if the conservatives were in power.

In reality, majority of the Iranians are aware that the crisis is in the core of the regime, not the stuntman who is in charge of distribution.

The high unemployment rate in Iran has never dropped since the 1980s. The value of its currency – Toman – has been deteriorating in the past three decades up to a point where 5,000 Toman is equivalent to one US dollar; whereas in 1979, a dollar was equivalent to 10 Toman.

Furthermore, the poverty rate has increased to 56 percent, which means half of the population is below the poverty line. These are considered a prelude to famine; while the regime’s leaders, ruling elites and those benefiting from the current situation continue to amass wealth.

This miserable reality provokes the ire of the populace which recently reached the point of limited armed confrontations. As long as the confrontation is between bullets and blood, there is no doubt that blood will drown the Mullah regime which is already suffocating.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief the Arab Times

This news has been read 9159 times!

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