Blame who in double murder?

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In spite of the intensive training of the police force and the instructions issued to them not to allow the driver of a car to get out of his vehicle when ordered to pull over, and not to get too close to the driver (suspect), some of the policemen disregard the instruction, either due to lack of awareness of the seriousness of the matter or overconfidence.

I have witnessed such incidents happening on the roads dozens of times and a security man shows leniency and talks tactfully with those motorists who are ordered to pull over for committing a violation.
Yesterday, Kuwait witnessed a horrific double murder as a twenty-year-old Syrian first killed his mother and fled.
The descriptions of the murderer and his vehicle were circulated. Shortly after, another report was received by the Operations (Room of the Ministry of Interior) stating another murder happened on the road between Abu Halifa and Mahboula. When security forces rushed to the site, they discovered that a traffic policeman was the victim who had been stabbed several times in broad daylight.

The security cameras revealed the culprit was the same who had earlier slain his mother. The security forces also discovered that the suspect had escaped with the policeman’s service revolver.
The security forces succeeded in record time to locate the whereabouts of the suspect, far away from the crime scene and was reportedly injured during an exchange of fire with the security forces and subsequently succumbed to his wounds in a hospital.
There is no doubt that the security forces know their duties well, and that is why they succeeded in arresting the killer in less than two hours, and deserve to be thanked, however prevention is very important.

Accordingly, the securitymen must ensure that the driver of any vehicle does not climb out of his/her vehicle when ordered to pull over and must ensure that he keeps a safe distance between him and the motorist.
This happens in many countries, and we have seen it in hundreds of American films, where the policeman stands behind the violating car, or the suspect, at a sufficient distance and orders its driver to remain in the car, and then the policeman gets out of his car and heads towards the vehicle of the suspect or the violator, and then the camera installed in the patrol car records all what is happening (audio and image).
How could a person stab a patrol policeman with a knife if he was not close enough to the suspect? This happened because of violation of all instructions? What is the nature of the conversation that took place between the offender and the victim?

Because of the dangerous nature of many societies, the increase in drug abuse, and the increase in the number of psychopaths often because of the difficulties that many people are experiencing these days, many countries, including the UAE, have provided their police with cameras and accurate recording machines that record the entire conversation of the police with the suspects, unlike recording and photocopying machines inside vehicles, which are used firstly for deterrence, and secondly to serve as evidence and proof for both parties in the court.

We ask the honorable brother, Lieutenant-General Essam Al-Nahham to expedite the provision of the police and its patrols with such devices through which the right and life of the securityman can be preserved on the one hand, and the citizen and resident on the other, and also be a deterrent factor in preventing the occurrence of crimes.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 22908 times!

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