Tuesday , October 3 2023

Biting the feeding hand!

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Some denounced us for writing about the Brotherhood, and constantly warning of their danger to the system and society, and their use of violence, in all its forms, against their enemies. In fact, what I write about them is very little compared to what others do, who have devoted their whole lives to warn of the danger of the Brotherhood and have not spared a media outlet to expose their bad intentions.

The Brotherhood, since its founding, has been, and still are the first to turn against those who support and help them and this is evident in their history. They supported King Farouk and sided with him against Al-Nahhas Pasha (Mostafa el-Nahhas Pasha was an Egyptian politician who served as the Prime Minister for five terms) and then turned against him and assassinated his men such as his prime minister Al-Naqrashi Pasha and other dignitaries.

The action of the Prime Minister, “Ibrahim Abd al-Hadi,” was necessary, so he issued an order to kill Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Brotherhood, after his role was proven in the assassination of Cairo Governor-General and Judge Khazindar, theft and burning of markets and shops and weakening the prestige of the government.

Then they allied with president Abdel Nasser, who dissolved all political parties and left the Brotherhood party because he and the majority of the officers who participated in the coup were once part of it, but when it became clear to him that they wanted to rule Egypt, he dismissed them and abused them, so they tried to assassinate him in 1954 in the Manshiya incident in Alexandria, so he imprisoned their leaders, and hanged their thinker, Sayyid Qutb.

They also betrayed Sadat, and a group sympathetic to them assassinated him despite his favors. Sadat was the one who released them from the prisons where Nasser had placed them, and empowered them to do many things. Mustafa Shoukry, who was raised on their ideas, had a role in the killing of the former Egyptian Minister of Endowments, Hussein al-Dhahabi, before he deserted the Brotherhood and established the “Takfir wal Hijra” group.

Hosni Mubarak also released their leaders from prison, but they also staged a coup against him, in order to take power, despite all the benefits and gifts he granted them.

The bad intentions of the Brotherhood, the severity of their crimes, their treachery, and their bad reputation prompted them to deny their belonging to the Brotherhood, therefore we find them hiding under various labels and giving camouflaged names that are filled with meanings that often have nothing to do with them, such as the “Justice and Construction Party” and the Constitutional Movement Party, and they are originally from non-believers in any constitution other than their own.

What reveals the emptiness of these labels, despite their plurality, is that the ideas of these organizations coincide with the ideas and positions of the international organization of the Brotherhood, therefore, all these parties, from Morocco through Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait, Gaza, Turkey and others behave and adopt the same ideas, so they belong to one origin, which is the Brotherhood!

It was not strange recently Turkey’s coup against the Muslim Brotherhood, which they considered part of them, and President Erdogan was their source of inspiration and ideal. I do not know what the response of the Kuwaiti Brotherhood will be to the “caliph” coup against them.

We have warned a lot of the Muslim Brotherhood’s penetration into Muslim societies in Western countries, and the danger of its reflection on their situation in the future, and that any upcoming right-wing government will not hesitate to deport Muslims to the countries from which they previously came and the candidate “Marine Le Pen” obtaining 42% of the French votes is a first sign of what’s to come.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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