Biden vows border ‘shut down’ if Congress passes deal

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Data reveals daily migrant encounters exceeding 9,500 at the US-Mexico border, adding urgency to reform talks.

WASHINGTON, Jan 28: In a significant development, President Joe Biden announced his endorsement of a bipartisan Senate border deal that empowers him to close the southern border “when it becomes overwhelmed.” Speaking on Friday, Biden expressed his commitment to utilizing this authority on the day of signing the bill into law.

The proposed border deal, deemed by Biden as the “toughest and fairest” set of reforms to date, faces challenges from both ends of the political spectrum. Former President Donald Trump, known for his hardline stance on immigration, has actively opposed the deal. Trump urged Republican House Speaker Mike Johnson to accept the deal only if it meets stringent border-related criteria.

The pressure on President Biden to address issues at the US-Mexico border has escalated as he seeks re-election, with a potential face-off against Trump, who remains vocal on immigration matters. Immigration is emerging as a central issue ahead of the presidential election, particularly concerning voters in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Government data from December revealed that daily migrant encounters at the US-Mexico border exceeded 9,500 on average. The urgency to address border security has been heightened by Republicans, linking a border deal to conditions for further Ukraine aid. Additionally, approval for additional aid to Israel and Taiwan hinges on the resolution of the border deal, with Republicans in the House asserting their stance.

Biden’s recent statements align with ongoing Senate negotiations aiming to secure approval from House colleagues. While Senate Republicans, including Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, have urged the deal’s passage, House Speaker Mike Johnson has indicated reluctance. Johnson remarked on Friday that the current form of the deal is “dead on arrival” in the House. The situation remains dynamic, with negotiations continuing to shape the fate of the bipartisan border deal.

This news has been read 336 times!

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