Biden, the Tehran regime and the inevitable destiny

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DURING the US presidential election campaign, there was a lot of talk about Iranian attempts to interfere in it. This is far from the truth due to the weak technological capabilities of the Mullah regime on one hand, and due to the strict position of the two major parties in the United States, which has not changed despite the change of administrations in the White House, on the other hand. Rather, every new administration increases the stranglehold on the terrorist re-gime of the Mullahs.

The administration of President-elect Joe Biden recently started appointing the officials and staff of the new govern-ment. Among them are five of Iranian origin, who are known to be hostile to the current regime. Those who experi-enced freedom in the United States and were raised on American values will not accept that about 80 million of their countrymen suffer hunger, poverty and systematic oppression under a rule whose leaders still live in caves of igno-rance and medieval darkness.

In addition to this, Biden, on more than one occasion, expressed a firm stance on the Iranian practices in the region and the world. Therefore, he will not waste his time in restoring the soul to a regime that is taking its breath away as a result of harsh sanctions, especially since Tehran is working on destabilizing a strategically important region for the United States in which it has great interests. It will not abandon its historical allies for an adventure to achieve a deal that the Obama experiment proved was lost, which is what Barack Obama highlighted in his memoirs.

This realistic picture makes the Mullah discourse mere dreams of a summer night, especially in terms of continuing to rebel against the international will and increase uranium enrichment, the threat of the atomic bomb or the threat of ballistic missiles, all of which increase its isolation and block the horizon in front of this backward junta.

This drives it more to tampering with security in the region, whether in Yemen by paying Houthi employees to harass the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or in Lebanon by disrupting the state apparatus, spreading chaos, and exploiting the fi-nancial and living crisis to further control the state, while in Iraq, the Iraqis have starting deviating from the obedience of Tehran’s agents.

As for Syria, Israel has long since ensured punishment for the Revolutionary Guards and its hired sectarian militias. It will not allow Iran to continue practicing its orgy in that sensitive region, so it continues to bomb selected targets that hurt the Iranians and increase their losses, which speeds up their withdrawal and drags their traps of disappointment.

There is no doubt that the positions indicate more pressure on Tehran in the future, which must be well aware that its sectarian divisive project is now in front of a dead wall. We hope that this will push it to wake up from the dreams of sick conspiracy and arrogance, before the inevitable fallout, which has been the fate of authoritarian regimes over the course of the ages.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah
Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 34270 times!

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