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Bid to prevent extension or renewal of contracts beyond original duration

KUWAIT CITY, April 28: Ministry of Finance has amended some provisions of Circular No. 2/2017 concerning regulations governing purchase in the government departments to prevent extension or renewal of contracts beyond the original duration, reports Al-Rai daily.

As per the amendment, a new contract must be floated afresh before expiration of the existing contract within the period suitable for specific methods of purchase.

The daily quoting a source noted an aspect of the amendment was meant to suit Tenders Law. He explained that fiscal changes in the circular indicates “the phrase less than KD 75,000” has been replaced by another phrase “not more than KD 75,000” in all the clauses. He also said the use of public authorities in the circular, as contained in Articles 71, 85, 130, 191 and 192 of the document has been replaced by “ministries, government departments, agencies and public institutions with affiliated and independent budgets”.

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