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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 10: The Ta!k Cultural Center, in collaboration with the Dean of Student Affairs, Cultural and Artistic Activities Administration of Kuwait University, hosted the groundbreaking People’s World Forum today at the Cultural Center of the Sabah Al-Salem University City, an architectural gem nestled in the heart of Kuwait. The aim was to foster dialogue and networking among influential leaders from various sectors, underscoring the commitment of the Ta!k Cultural Center to uniting global communities and driving cultural exchange and innovation. With over 10,000 participants, the forum not only celebrated cultural diversity but also showcased Kuwait’s modern infrastructure and progressive spirit; poised to be a monumental success, adding significant value to Kuwait’s cultural landscape, prominently featuring and reflecting traditional attire, fragrances, and cuisine.

A woman from the West is decorated by local, Arab women in traditional head and face-ware at the forum

The exhibits included traditional garments, culinary demonstrations, handicrafts, and a celebration of global harvests and aromas. During the event, visitors had the opportunity to immerse themselves in folkloric music performances and explore thrilling global adventures. Most of the visitors said they were amazed by the diversity of cultures showcased under one roof demonstrating the taste flavors from different countries and learn about their culinary traditions calling it a delicious and educational experience. One of the visitors said, “I appreciated the focus on cultural understanding and dialogue. It’s so important to celebrate diversity and learn from each other, and this event provided a perfect platform for that.” “As a parent,” said another, “I found the event to be incredibly educational.

It gave me valuable insights into how to teach my children about cultural diversity and global awareness. “The performances of folkloric music,” he added, “were breathtaking. It was amazing to see how music can transcend language barriers and bring people together from different backgrounds,” said another visitor. Yet another visitor said, “I was inspired by the commitment of the organizers to promote cultural exchange and understanding. It’s events like these that remind us of the importance of embracing diversity in our increasingly interconnected world” saying it highlights the positive impact of the People’s World Forum in fostering cultural exchange, understanding, and appreciation among its visitors. In essence, the People’s World Forum reaffirmed the commitment to uniting global communities and driving cultural exchange and innovation. These enlightening experiences opened minds to different cultures and languages, promoting dialogue and understanding within the community. The People’s World Forum epitomized this commitment to cultural exchange and understanding. With the involvement of 150 trained student volunteers from Kuwait University, the event showcased a global extravaganza, featuring exhibitions, culinary delights, and immersive experiences that offered visitors a journey around the world, providing a glimpse into the rich tapestry of global cultures.

By Paul Francis X. Fernandes

Arab Times/Al-Seyassah Staff

This news has been read 1185 times!

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