Bid Process Initiated by Ministry of Public Works to Combat Sand Theft

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KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: Sources within the Ministry of Public Works have disclosed plans aimed at combating the ‘theft’ of sand, colloquially referred to as “savage” sand, by implementing a strategy to recycle it for sustainable financial and environmental benefits. The ministry is preparing to initiate a bidding process to execute this plan, which involves analyzing past sand contracts and studying quantities and prices of sand removal (Safi). Additionally, the ministry has developed several solutions to address road issues in both southern and northern regions, which were included in previous bids. However, these solutions were postponed due to high prices offered.

They included constructing metal barriers to combat sand encroachment, creating open channels parallel to roads to collect sand during windy conditions, stabilizing high dunes, and elevating road levels. The ministry is committed to integrating measures to counter sand encroachment within ongoing projects, such as the development of the Abdali Expressway and new road projects. Furthermore, a committee comprising members from the ministry and the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences was established to prepare a comprehensive document on mitigating and combating sand theft in Kuwait. This initiative involves reviewing, providing observations, and cooperating with relevant institutions to exchange necessary information.

By Abdul Rahman Al-Shammari/ Mohammad Ghanem
Al-Seyassah/Arab Times Staff

This news has been read 1140 times!

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