Beyoncé offers fans a peek into her hair care routine, dispels myths about her hair

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LOS ANGELES, April 23: Beyoncé, the iconic Grammy-winning artist, took to social media to offer fans a glimpse into her Sunday hair care ritual while addressing long-standing rumors about her hair. In a video shared on her Instagram page, the 42-year-old star showcased her wash day routine, shedding light on her commitment to maintaining her natural hair.

The video comes on the heels of Beyoncé’s recent venture into the hair care industry with her brand, Cécred. In the post, she expressed her desire to join in after witnessing her fans’ videos using her products, stating, “I just had to join in with something I had in the archives.”

Known for pushing boundaries and challenging norms, Beyoncé emphasized the importance of disrupting conventional hair care practices. She shared insights into her decision to prioritize the health of her color-treated hair over chemical treatments like perms and relaxers, a choice that influenced the development of her brand.

Despite maintaining the blonde color of her natural hair for over 25 years, Beyoncé demonstrated how she preserves her curls and overall hair health. The video showcased her washing, blow-drying, and styling process, highlighting her preference for low heat to maintain her curl pattern and length.

Addressing misconceptions about wig use and natural hair health, Beyoncé passionately stated, “The stigma and misconception is that people that wear wigs don’t have long and healthy hair. That’s some bulls**t ’cause it ain’t nobody’s business.”

The video received overwhelming support from fans and industry peers, with many interpreting it as a response to previous criticisms. Media personality Jessie Woo applauded Beyoncé’s stance, while journalist Sylvia Obell quoted lyrics to emphasize the artist’s confidence.

Amidst the praise, Beyoncé’s video serves as a reminder of her commitment to authenticity and empowerment, challenging stereotypes and celebrating the beauty of natural hair.

This news has been read 424 times!

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