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Wednesday , August 17 2022

‘Behavior reveals intentions’

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The old Kuwaiti proverb says: ‘A wolf does not run in vain’!

Parliamentarians Osama Al-Shaheen, Abdul-Aziz Al-Saqabi and Hamad Al-Matar, who represent the local branch of the global organization of the Muslim Brotherhood, have submitted a bill to add a paragraph to Law No. 46 of 2006 regarding Zakat and the contribution of public and closed joint stock companies to the state budget, stipulating that the Ministry of Finance transfers these amounts to the Zakat House.

Since the law deducting 1% of the net profits of joint stock companies was issued 15 years ago, no party or individual has noticed the benefits that have been deducted, and nothing has changed. The amount remains with the Ministry and no one knows, to my knowledge, where it was spent or it may still be accumulating in the coffers of the Ministry of Finance.

These deputies should have demanded the activation of a paragraph in that law that would allow joint stock companies to direct the deducted percentage of their profits to the parties they believe are most worthy of receiving their donations, with a list of those entities, so that the matter is not abused or in the first place to demand an end to this unjustified deduction.

The Zakat House is the official body competent to receive Zakat — gifts and donations — from associations, companies and individuals and spend it in their legitimate banks, however its management consists mostly of affiliations, or at least sympathizers with one of the two major political and religious parties and this is known to everyone.

The Zakat House, the Endowment Authority, and other government agencies were established by the government based on proposals or requests from religious parties, and it was therefore not surprising that their leaders and those belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood in particular were handed over the management portfolios as a reward for supporting the government during the era of the 1986 National Assembly.

However, these people did not hesitate to stab the government in the back whenever they felt it will serve their interest because they are not trustworthy.

In a previous article I had asked the reason for the insistence of handing over the administration of the ‘Endowment Authority’ to those affiliated with the religious trend, knowing that it is a department that mainly specializes in developing endowment funds. Also, some of those appointed to manage it, and some of the Brotherhood, did not hesitate to abuse its sanctity.

The Zakat House has large (bank) balances, and perhaps it does not need hundreds of millions of them. Despite what is rumored about it is its increasing role, for example, before any parliamentary elections, there is no evidence to prove such allegations and this does not mean that the one percent should be given to it instead of the Ministry of Finance. The defect is not in the receiving party but in what is used, including the money collected from joint stock companies and also including my money.

The government’s position on the proposal submitted by the ‘Three Brotherhood Knights’ is the indication of the direction of its compass. If the government votes with their proposal, it will mean that it does not want to get out of their pocket. And if the government stands on the sidelines, this means that it wants to keep its future cooperation with ‘this group’ intact.

But if the government rejects their proposal, this is an indication that a honeymoon that lasted for more than half a century has ended with them.

Conclusion: These three deputies would not have put forward such a proposal if the matter were not in their interest and the interest of their party. They made a great mistake in not asking for a non-Brotherhood deputy to join them, so their behavior revealed their intentions.

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By Ahmad alsarraf