What a beautiful red eye!

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Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil
Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

THERE IS no better way to deal with societies than implementing the law strictly and decisively. We, as a country, operate on an almost-complete constitutional system; yet our society is pervaded with corruption and mess due to one simple reason — lack of strictness and decisiveness in implementation of the law.

However, an incident happened last week which was part of implementation of the law. Many were unaware of the existence of reckless elections and primaries that involve begging for votes and throwing of ‘uqals’ (pandemonium) with external influence, which is new to the elections of our noble tribes. It also involves buying of votes and stirring of the age-old sectarian waters by bankrupt candidates who licked their wounds and vowed to never participate in the elections again.

With their shameless faces, they participated in the opening of civilized Kuwait’s Opera House which took us back to the recent past before the brainwashing of bats in the darkness.

Amidst all this, Director General for Traffic Affairs issued a surprising decision to remove the number plates of vehicles that hinder traffic flow such as those shamelessly parked at the “No Parking” areas! It has been observed from far and near that citizens have been perpetrating the action while expatriates have been copying them!

I have personally seen this violation of law take place everyday in the presence of the police. My office is located at Salhiya in Kuwait City where there are two multi-storey car-park buildings that can contain hundreds of vehicles. Despite that, many Kuwaiti and expatriate motorists end up parking their vehicles at the roadsides that are painted black and yellow, which stands for “No Parking”, even with the daily presence of the traffic police motorbike but without a policeman, but you are calling the dead?!

Last Tuesday, I was shocked to see the streets surrounding the parking lots free of the vehicles which used to be parked at the “No Parking” places. Thereby, civility which had eluded us for many years, surfaced, thanks to the implementation of the removal of number plates for over one month. We urge the General Traffic Department not to allow this surprise gift return to the old way and be forgotten soon? What a beautiful way of implementing the law!

 The second pleasant information was reported by our colleague Mubarak Habib and published on the first page of Al-Qabas newspaper on Tuesday, Nov 1. It is the verdict delivered in an appeal which indicted a man who sympathized and encouraged others to join the enemies of humanity and mankind – DAESH — without necessarily perpetrating physical hostility or holding weapon.

We had advocated this umpteenth times, especially since all countries across the world except Kuwait do this. We had called for filling the legal vacuum; perhaps it will indict those who declare support for such monstrous bloody groups that do not belong to any religion, creed and faith. Therefore, we hope the Court of Cassation will uphold the golden verdict delivered by the Court of Appeals to ensure those who consider embarking on a similar act will be convinced that it is disgraceful to mankind. What a beautiful red eye!

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By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 7531 times!

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