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Saturday , December 7 2019

‘Be honest in profit-making’


Imagine the financial status of an exclusive local agent for the following international products: Nido milk, Vimto juice, Pepsi, Cola, Cadbury cacao, Toyota cars, Al-Rawdatain mineral water, Panadol tablets, Marlboro cigarettes, wheat flour, Kraft, cheeses, Apple and Samsung phones or other flourishing products.

Can the agent of these products make losses at the end of the year? The answer is: impossible if there is no corruption, theft and extortion within his institution, and what if we added by saying that all the stores, institutions and exhibitions of its products, and even the parking spaces for its customers, and even small shops around, all were given by the institution of the state for free.

Will such institutions achieve losses by the end of its financial year? The answer is ‘never’. But if there is corruption, the answer is otherwise.

If we applied this example to the Kuwaiti cooperative societies, we shall find that all of them got free plots of land, free buildings and free parking. They received free funding from hundreds of suppliers and large discounts. The state granted dozens of shops to rent them to others for high rents. The majority of these societies lost their capitals, the loss of all profits and often the loss of the majority or all the funds of suppliers, and the bankruptcy of some of them after the theft exceeded every limit.

Only here, the Ministry of Social Affairs intervenes and often is satisfied with dismissing the board of directors of the co-op without holding them accountable or punishing or asking where the shareholders ‘and suppliers’ money went, and then appointing an interim board to run the society for a transitional period until a new board is elected.

The new game is repeated and the new board is brought in to achieve quick wealth at the expense of the naive people of area in front of the eyes of the authorities and the people of the area return to elect others to steal them time after time.

What is surprising here is that the Board of Directors of the majority of the cooperative societies belongs to one of the two religious political parties, the long black bearded people. Of course, corruption of both parties prevailed and I, as well as hundreds of other suppliers, was a victim of fraud witnessed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and its army of inspectors, but they are not to blame as they can do nothing. Yet we have not heard of the imprisonment or accountability of the head of any cooperative society for achieving losses.

On the other side, the residents of the Mishref residential area re-elected to the board of directors of their cooperative society under the chairmanship of Abdulrahman al-Qudairi and the membership of Majid Kamal as deputy, Mo’aaz Al-Yahya as secretary, Wael Al-Masoud as Treasurer, Ali Al-Fahd, Issa Al-Qallaf, Muhammad Mansour, Anwar Ghadanfari and Khaled Al-Fadala as members for their financial and social services they provided for residents and shareholders.

The Mishref Cooperative Society which has been able to achieve successive successes over the years is no different from any other cooperative society. These cooperative societies should have not been different from the Mishref Co-Op. A majority of their members are very religious and if they were keen enough, no losses would have occurred.

The Ministry of Social Affairs honored the Board of the Mishref Cooperative Society not only for achieving material success year after year, as this is normal of course in an institution that has obtained everything for free from the State, a volunteering board and guaranteed profits, but also for their straightforwardness, good  reputation of its officials.

For your information, the Mishref Society recently made 6 million dinars net profit, and others achieved 6 million dinars losses – a result of dishonesty and corruption.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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