Be corrupt, live happy!

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I was amazed when I read news about the great neighbor Iraq, whose government and parliament have been spreading corruption.

The news says that “the Iraqi Integrity Commission announced on April 21, 2022 the recovery of more than $9 million from Lebanese banks … Yes, I repeat the Lebanese banks through which the Beirut Appeals Court decided to hand over $9,384,499 to the Iraqi government, in addition to an apartment in Ras Beirut.”

It added the money smuggled from the convict ‘ZinaMassoud’ was deposited in five Lebanese banks under fake names.

I came back compelled to compare what is happening and what happened in Kuwait in terms of cases through which the Iraqi issue hides in shame in many places.

In Iraq, there has been no government since the last elections; yet they recovered the embezzled amount of about $9 million.

One of the manifestations of my admiration and amazement at what the Iraqis did to recover their money, is that the recovery was from Lebanese banks which claimed bankruptcy, led by the Central Bank of Lebanon.  Their depositors do not spend more than $150 per month.

I will not cite the Army Fund and the billions of dollars that individuals have stolen from it.  These individuals are wandering among us.  I will not also mention the tens of millions of cases deliberately forgotten by our irrational governments and its dormant monitoring and control agencies!

I will mention here the case of an individual who stole our money – the people of Kuwait particularly the retirees and employees, because our government is not interested in the theft of billions that took place through its agencies. The money is from the public treasury (according to the government), so it is not public money owned by the Kuwaiti people. Instead, the senior officials think the money belongs to their father or their paternal grandfather, so they use it as they please!!

The individual who stole my money and your money, dear Kuwaiti reader, is the Director General of the Public Institution for Social Security.  He did this for more than a decade by depositing hundreds of millions into foreign banks. He also bought real estate properties for himself and his family, especially his daughters who live abroad like Hollywood stars or even better.

The thief of my money and yours lives in Britain with honor and dignity, from whom none of our governments has so far recovered even a penny of what he embezzled from our money.

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

This news has been read 33816 times!

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