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Sunday , September 19 2021

Be accountable, punish yourself!

A DISTINGUISHED Kuwaiti woman works as a doctor and she is specialized in a rare medical field. Her husband is also a doctor who works in a private hospital. He is a skilled consultant with a complex medical specialization. The husband is a national of a sisterly Gulf State, but he spent most of his life in Kuwait and married a Kuwaiti woman.

This medical family has a young daughter. She was born, raised and grew up in Kuwait. She graduated from one of the local schools and she is currently studying ‘medicine’ in one of the Gulf medical colleges … Dear reader, imagine that the young girl was prevented from entering Kuwait to see her parents because her nationality is not Kuwaiti?!!

This is a story we present to the fans of decisions issued by our Minister of Health, the young Sheikh who specializes in ‘Otorhinolaryngology’ and his rational ministry which is fingerprinted on his decisions whose results are not studied and brought Kuwait’s policy on combating corona and reducing the rate of infection to a very low level. In spite of his supposed preventive decisions, the number of corona infections has increased!?

Without talking about his misfortunes, we should compare Kuwait’s corona conditions with that of Britain within the same period, so we could visualize the magnitude of the health-political confusion as we are currently in the dark days of our lives in our beloved country.

One newspaper — Al-Rai daily — published a report stating that the number of corona infections in Britain on Jan 9, 2021 reached 59,937 and it decreased to 2,379 on April 6, 2021.

In Kuwait, Basel Al-Sabah announced on Jan 9, 2021 that the number of infections reached 427 only to increase to 1,403 on April 6, 2021.  While the infection rate decreases day after day in other respected countries around the world, we find that it is increasing and amplifying day after day in Kuwait.

The floundering health decisions include the fact that the domestic workers whom we encounter daily — more than our relatives, friends and acquaintances — have yet to be vaccinated!

The recent decisions include the shaky curfew period which changed some days after its approval — a difference of just an hour. This instability will be evident in the blessed month of Ramadan; during which we meet relatives, friends and loved ones whom we may not have seen for a year. The blessed Ramadan brings us together. However, health-related decisions prevent us from enjoying this good year, even though none of the brotherly Gulf states went towards such direction?!!

Therefore, we have the right to ask His Highness the Prime Minister and members of his Cabinet that is headed by the young Sheikh: When will you cut out the truth from yourselves and end such decisions?!!

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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