Barjas urges high standards for Kuwait sports leaders

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Dhari Barjas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Basketball Association.

KUWAIT CITY, June 8: Dhari Barjas, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Kuwait Basketball Association, emphasized the urgent need for an integrated package of sports legislation to address deficiencies in the sports sector. This would create a competitive sports environment and a new model system, approved by the general assemblies of clubs and federations, capable of keeping pace with the development of the sport seen in other countries in the region.

He stated, “The ambitions among young athletes are always high, which is both good and necessary. However, reality does not always align with these aspirations, leading to severe disappointment for many. Therefore, the highest priority should be the implementation of modern sports laws that consider development. These laws should guide sports and youth forward, hold everyone accountable, reward diligence, and address negligence.”

Barjas highlighted that the sports renaissance we aspire to requires essential components. He emphasized the need to establish new clubs and sports centers in various governorates to accommodate the increasing population and engage youth in new areas. Additionally, there should be increased financial support for clubs and federations, coupled with stringent administrative and financial oversight to evaluate performance and hold under-performers accountable.

Barjas also pointed out the necessity of developing regulations that control the outcomes of the general assemblies in clubs and federations. He suggested that there must be high standards for those applying for membership on the boards of directors of clubs and federations. This would ensure that the most qualified individuals occupy leadership positions, free from temporary electoral considerations and the immediate interests of candidates and voters.

He stressed the importance of cooperation between clubs and federations for the public good, noting, “Clubs are the primary and sole financiers of players at various age levels. They need to cooperate to exchange experiences, develop the sports system, and coordinate with federations to achieve common goals.” Barjas also pointed to the necessity of contracting the best technical and administrative personnel to advance the development of various sports.

This news has been read 448 times!

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