Bank check & breaking of your fast in the public

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The basic details of a bank check are the beneficiary’s name, the amount, in letters and numbers, the signature, and the date the check was issued.

The lack of all the above elements or a mistake in writing the check data stops its payment, and requires either changing it, which is better, or amending it, with the signature next to the amendment.

Banks receive, especially at the beginning of the year, checks or payment orders that bear the date of the previous year, and since the validity of the check in Kuwait is six months, so the bank refuses to cash it, because of the old date, and this error occurs by habit, not intentionally!

What happens in the first days of Ramadan, and also by virtue of custom, is that some of us put food in the mouth, or drink water, openly, whether Muslim or otherwise, and also by virtue of habit, and not intentionally, but the blind law does not take into account these formalities, so the text of punitive measures says:

“A fine not exceeding one hundred dinars and imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month, or one of these two penalties, shall be imposed on whoever publicly breaks the fast in a public place during the day in Ramadan, and whoever forces, incites, or assists in that, with the possibility of adding the penalty of closing the public place for this purpose for a period not exceeding two months.”

Perhaps the reason for issuing this law is due to the legislator’s keenness to respect the feelings of those who are fasting, and not to harm them. But the reality of the situation, in our time, says otherwise, as it is assumed that the true and honest fasting person does not care to see who breaks the fast in front of him, for we were in our homes, as children and youth, eating in front of our parents, and they did not care about that.

The workers in the house, who were not Muslims, used to break their fast openly, and this did not bother anyone. Also, large numbers of our diplomats live in societies that do not know the manifestations of fasting, and this did not, according to my experience and knowledge, affect them, so why do their feelings become tender and exposed to harm once they return to Kuwait?

And what about those who were compelled by working conditions or treatment to stay in “infidel” countries, when they see open restaurants and food available, and they are not affected by anything, and they continue their fast, just like the Muslims of that country, who are in the millions?

And what about those who prepare food, or those who serve it to passengers in the VIP lounges at airports and others, or those who work on planes on short trips, who sometimes choose to keep their fast, with their consent; in addition to fasting Muslims who prepare and serve food in care homes, the handicapped and hospitals, governmental and private, and others?

From all of this, and many other things, we see that this strictness in punishing those who speak out is a laughable process. What made the patience of hundreds of millions of Muslims among the fasting people of dozens of countries easy could make their patience in Kuwait easy as well, and there is no need for a law that does not agree with either the era or with the times.

Moreover, there is no evidence of a penalty of “imprisonment” or a financial fine in Islam for those who who eat and drink in public during the day in Ramadan, so where did these penalties come from? If confinement really existed on that day, many poor people would openly break their fast to be imprisoned, and they would find someone to feed them in prison throughout the month!

Note: Our political and constitutional crisis will end one day and inevitably soon. Meanwhile, our respect for the independence of the judiciary must continue, regardless of our personal opinions of its members.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 41425 times!

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