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Bank balances of exam cheats abettors frozen

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Huge money made in scam over the years

KUWAIT CITY, March 13: While the Public Prosecution investigates the case of leaking high school exams and cheating in exams, Al-Qabas sources reported that this case took new dimensions, most notably the freezing of funds in the defendants’ bank balances, including 120 thousand dinars in the names of the main suspects, and there are others whose accounts will be frozen after the investigations are completed. According to the sources, the ongoing investigations revealed that 6 public high school batches were tied to the leaking of exams, and it was found that dozens of citizens and residents have been professionally earning from “high school exam seasons” over the years, by leaking questions and answers in addition to selling cheating headsets, pointing to the continued issuance of arrest warrants against the new suspects.

The sources announced that it is in its final stages, pointing out that the main suspect in the “test leakage groups” is a fugitive citizen who lives in Egypt – according to the investigations – while the second suspect was finally reached and an arrest warrant was issued against him and produced before the Public Prosecution. Meanwhile, the sources added, “The investigations revealed dozens of those involved in this case, who were using phone numbers belonging to Asians by participating in cheating groups and leaking tests, were also using dual and fake names”, which makes it difficult to reach them until this moment but investigations are still ongoing in the case to reveal any new involvement.” The sources pointed out that “after classifying the case of fraud as money laundering, illegal bank transfers were monitored and tracked in the accounts of the accused, some of which were disposed of in purchases, and it is likely that all suspicious funds will be seized after the completion of the investigations.”

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