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Sunday , December 4 2022

Backwardness will go on as long as …

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There is no writer who belongs to a religious political party who has not claimed that the deterioration of the educational situation and the backwardness of the curricula are due to the fact that the majority of those who took the reins of the ministry since after liberation were liberals.
This is an empty claim, and even if it is true, who runs the ministry, from a purely educational point of view? He is the undersecretary, his assistants and directors. The minister’s stay is short and leaves with the first change.

As for those who remain, they continue to pass on the torch of backwardness and darkness to those who come after them.
On Sunday, May 22, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education for Financial Affairs (why for financial affairs in particular?) inaugurated the religious project and described it as the pride of the ministry and it has all the support of all the leaders, and it aims to train primary school teachers to master the recitation of the Qur’an!

Of course, we are not against any kind of knowledge, but in light of all this backwardness that we are living in, the deteriorating situation of the student and the need to revolutionize the curricula, however, one may ask here: “Does the subject of training primary school teachers on intonation of the Holy Qur’an deserve all this administrative and financial support and the momentum of attendance, and using all potentials and efforts of the Ministry, and its keenness on the presence of representatives of religious associations, representatives of the Endowment ministry and a group of ministry leaders, who left their jobs to participate in the big celebration?

I do not know the reason for all this enthusiasm and all this time, effort and money to teach primary school teachers the method of reciting the Qur’an while the education curricula are brimming with religious subjects.
Why does the Assistant Undersecretary for Financial Affairs not turn around instead of devoting himself to spreading the ideas of his group and does such a project need all this demonstration?
The situation becomes really sad when we read the tweet or cry of the distinguished teacher Muhammad Al-Faraj, which he launched on Twitter, regarding the situation of Kuwaiti students in government schools, saying:

We are nearing the end of the scholastic year, and here is my summary report on the level of students: the general situation and this is not a generalization but only as a general situation:
A drowsy body free of thought, awareness, perception and enthusiasm; biologically alive body, however intellectually dead, with frightening high sluggishness and idiocy.
This is the situation of education in our country, with the Brotherhood continuing to tamper with the most important facility according to the whims of its leaders as everyone is preoccupied with the upcoming new formation of the government.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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