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Back to School in September

KUWAIT CITY, March 15: The Minister of Health, Dr. Basil Al Sabah stated that schools will reopen with a new academic year for students from September, stating that all administrative school staff will be vaccinated by next month.

The Minister of Health during his meeting with the delegation of the Scout Association

The minister urged Kuwaiti citizens to take vaccines in order to safeguard the health of self and others. 400,000 have been vaccinated from these Kuwaitis who have registered have been vaccinated, while nearly a quarter of elderly expats have been vaccinated who are between the age of 80 and above. After Ramadan people will be prevented from entering cinema halls unless they have received a vaccine. Some places will be closed if the workers have not been vaccinated.

He further stated that a million will be vaccinated with the advent of Eid al-Fitr. By September will reach two million people with the start of schools. Approximately 120,000 teachers and administrative staff along with cooperative society staff, saloon workers, bank staff will be vaccinated by April. The vaccination has been very effective in reducing deaths significantly, reports Al Rai. Around 400 million people around the world have been vaccinated and due to this death rate in America, UK have reduced drastically.

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