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Friday , February 3 2023

Back to law of shame

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Lawyer and colleague Ali Al-Baghli named the law which was issued by the Kuwaiti Parliament half a century ago the as ‘Law of Shame’. That law prohibits granting the nationality of the state to non-Muslims.

It is strange that some members of the Parliament who were known for their patriotism and moderation and some of them who were enlightened ministers voted in favor of that ugly and racist law.

No elected Parliament in the world, as far as I remember, has issued such a law, and we have who love to call us a state of humanity have this law. Even Israel, which considers itself Jewish confers its nationality on followers of all faiths and has the highest proportion of non-believers in the world. This is quite enough to know how ridiculous this law is.

This extreme religious commitment may have been understandable at that time, perhaps at the time of the “notorious awakening movement, but how can it be understood now when religious extremism has cast its shadow of destruction, violence and hatred in the world, believing that God, His messengers and angels are standing with them and not with the other party.

The whole world around us and the West in particular, is trying to “contain” the Muslim and make him a viable partner with them, and brushes aside the feeling that he is ostracized, hated or dangerous to society. As for us, our behavior is the exact opposite and is illustrated by our rejection of the non-Muslim, keeping away from him, and portraying him as a threat to our culture, if any, our customs and our worn out traditions.

This reminds me of one of the recent tweets which reads: “Three days remain to complete prayers and curse the infidels and polytheist, and we then travel to their countries to spend the Eid holidays. This funny tweet shows strongly that even in our festivals we need non-Muslims, not to mention our need for their medicine, aircraft, vehicles, computers, Internet and G-5, and the food, the treatment, comfort, security and peace.

After all this, and with all impudence and through legislation, we turn away non-Muslim and prevent them from being part of our homeland as if a non-Muslim brings epidemic. The refusal to grant the nationality to the distinguished and the competent will inevitably end and the legislation will end in the waste basket, but until that day comes, we will lose a lot for the benefit of countries that are less than us in everything. When shall we be aware of the seriousness of this matter and remove this shame once and forever?

The categorization of human beings as Muslims and infidels, a house of war and a house of peace is outdated, and whoever wants to apply this statement has the right to do so, must be committed to the borders of his country and be satisfied with his own food made of his own harvested crops, use the medicine he manufactured and liberate his own homeland if occupied and remove the dirt from his back.

We are unable to do this as the same is the case with even the greatest and richest countries. We are not a genius country, we are not self-sufficient in anything and we terribly and greatly need the world, and the Christians in particular.

How long do we have to put up with this empty arrogance?

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad alsarraf

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