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Saturday , March 25 2023

Aziza Al-Bassam …. an inexhaustible Giving

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Last Monday, May 30, 2022, Kuwait lost Aziza Muhammad Suleiman Al-Bassam, one of the pioneers in empowering women in cultural, social, educational and humanitarian work. She had introduced the first idea to establish the First Women Library in State of Kuwait in 1966.

Aziza Al-Bassam, who dedicated herself to volunteering, charitable and humanitarian work through  her numerous contributions to public benefit associations and similar committees, for example but not limited to membership in the Kuwaiti Social  Association, one of its founders, the Women’s Cultural Association and the Kuwait Human Rights Association, Aziza Al-Bassam has harnessed all her capabilities to support the rights of Kuwaiti and Arab women. .

I worked with her at various positions during our membership in the Kuwaiti Human Rights Society and the Kuwaiti initiative to support Lebanon following the Israeli aggression in 2006, as well as the Kuwaiti initiative for giving, especially the activities we carried out in Egypt, and through the electoral campaign of the late Abdullah Al-Nibari, may God have mercy on him, she supports every loyal patriotic element. He loves Kuwait in word and deed.

In 2016, we visited the inauguration of projects affiliated to the Kuwaiti Initiative for Giving in Aswan – the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Working with Aziza Al-Bassam is characterized by calmness and cooperation without any interactions due to the qualities of her personality, which is characterized by calm, poise and always optimistic.

During the memorial ceremony organized by the Kuwaiti Sociologists Association on 7/6/2022, I listened to several words from different sides and the distinguished attendance, which reflects the extent of people’s love and appreciation for her, and I learned about bright aspects in her career that I did not witness at the time.

The late Aziza Al-Bassam left great touches in several areas that I cannot fulfill her right with these words, but we have nothing but to say as we bid farewell to this distinguished female personality, except what pleases the Lord. We belong to God and to Him we shall return. And we are  saddened by your departure, Aziza.


By Youssef Mubarak Al Mubaraki