Astronauts spot tomato lost in orbit for 8 months on the ISS

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ISS astronauts find a tomato that was lost in space for 8 months.

NEW YORK, Dec 7: In a twist that could rival any culinary whodunit, the mystery of a missing tomato on the International Space Station (ISS) has been cracked. The elusive fruit, part of an off-Earth harvest by NASA astronaut Frank Rubio in March, resurfaced more than eight months later.

During a live-streamed event on Wednesday, celebrating the ISS’ 25th anniversary, NASA astronaut Jasmin Moghbeli revealed the tomato’s discovery. Rubio, initially accused of devouring the tiny tomato, was finally exonerated.

The incident became a lighthearted inside joke for Rubio during the fall. The 1-inch-wide Red Robin dwarf tomato was a crucial component of the Veg-05 experiment’s final harvest, a project Rubio himself had nurtured through some challenges.

After the March 29, 2023 harvest, each ISS astronaut received tomato samples. However, Rubio’s portion, stored in a Ziploc bag, floated away before he could taste it.

The tomato’s disappearance first became public knowledge on Sept. 13, during an event marking Rubio’s unexpected record-setting year in orbit as a U.S. astronaut. Problems with Rubio’s Russian Soyuz spacecraft, eventually resolved with a replacement Soyuz launch, extended his expected six-month stay.

Rubio humorously remarked during the ISS livestream in September that he spent numerous hours searching for the tomato, confident it would eventually vindicate him in the future.

The ISS’s vastness and microgravity posed challenges to locating the missing tomato. While Rubio’s Soyuz crew tackled numerous science experiments, the incident shed light on potential issues with plant growth on the moon or Mars, a goal of the Veggie experiment series.

When reporters asked Rubio about the lost tomato on Oct. 13, he lamented the fruit’s fate, speculating it may have desiccated beyond recognition due to the low humidity on the ISS.

Despite the tomato escapade, Rubio’s year in space was not without its difficulties. During an October event, he spoke about the emotional strain of being away from family and friends for an extended period. However, the overwhelming support and prayers from the community around him made the experience more manageable.

While the lost tomato added a touch of humor to Rubio’s mission, it also highlighted the resilience required for extended space travel and the importance of community support in overcoming challenges.

This news has been read 2925 times!

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