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Tuesday , August 16 2022

Ashaan Fahad wins class-1 horse race

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25 The eighth horse race meeting at the Farwaniya Equestrian Club witnessed an impressive competition in various rounds in which the horse “Ashaan Fahad” from Dabban Stable won the class-1 race of 2,400 meters by clocking 023786 minutes, followed by the horse “Suhail” from Al-Awadhi Stable, while “Raed” (Rathan) took the third place.

The competition trophy was handed to the winner by the board chairperson of Farwaniya Equestrian Club Mubarak Al-Daihani who expressed appreciation and gratitude to the participants and organizers, not forgetting the large crowd that turned up for the competition.

In other races, the horse “Rayyan” (Al-Awadhi Stable) won another trophy in the class-2 horse race of 1050 meters clocking 010413 minutes, followed by the horse “Mishari” (Abu Sheibah), and the third place went to “Mutahaddith” (Farmawi). In the class-2 race of 1200 meters , the horse “Mohjah” (Maharib stable) won the trophy by breaking the club’s record and fi nishing at 011289 minutes whereas the top prize was taken by the horse “Burkan” (Farmawi Stable) in the 1400 meters race for class-3 horses by clocking 012748 minutes, and the class-4 horse for 2,000 meters was won by “Madawi” (Shalahi) after completing 020936 minutes

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