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Artiste Hassan wants to return to his family

Waiting for evacuation from Saudi Arabia

KUWAIT CITY, April 8: Artiste Hassan Al-Balam said he is eagerly waiting for news on the opening of land borders or arranging flights for the evacuation of Kuwaitis from Saudi Arabia, as he wants to return to his family and country quickly; indicating he got stuck in Saudi Arabia due to the suspension of travel as part of preventive measures in light of the global coronavirus pandemic, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Al-Balam told the daily that he feels he is in his second country in Riyadh, and that he feels the same in any other Gulf country; given the cultural and social ties between the Gulf countries. However, he misses his homeland and its smell which a citizen cannot do without, especially since he is longing for his family and loved ones.

He wishes to return to Kuwait at the earliest, hoping for the end of the crisis that the entire world is currently experiencing. He affirmed his willingness to go on a 14-day quarantine for those coming from abroad, stressing that he is in constant communication with the Kuwaiti Embassy in Riyadh. He stressed the need to follow preventive and precautionary health measures, and that everyone is obligated to remain in their houses in implementing the slogan “Stay at home for Kuwait.”

This has become a trend on social media, as a means to encourage people to stay in their homes in order to overcome the crisis and for life to return to normal. He intends to broadcast his plays online to entertain the public during curfew through ‘Al-Balam Group’ application, which was developed to show new plays; indicating that he will present the first episode of his new series, “The Prison,” exclusively through the application, as a gift to his fans. The series is considered a high dose of comedy as it includes a large group of comedians like Ahmed Al-Aounan, Intisar Al-Sharah, Abdul Aziz Al- Nassar, Muhammad Ashour, Fahd Al- Bannai and Mohammed Al-Ramadhan; and it is directed by Khaled Al-Fadhli.

He added his new works will be shown through the application, including his latest play, “Bread of his Bread 2019,” which was written and directed by Ahmed Al-Awadi. He revealed the application showcases five of his most famous plays that have drawn great reaction from the public.

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