Arrogant peacocks

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Muslims consistently extend invitations to individuals of different faiths, encouraging them to embrace Islam. This eagerness intensifies, especially when the target is a prominent figure, even if it’s a third-tier footballer.

Scholars often feel a responsibility to set a positive example, despite potential ignorance or naivety. However, in reality, they do not necessarily embody exemplary behavior in society.

Their appearances may be religious, but their actions and repetitive preaching, which everyone is familiar with, do not necessarily align with true education and knowledge.

They tend to believe that such sermons allow them to influence the hearts and minds of their followers, elevating their status above teachers, scientists, and physicians.

This perception fosters a false sense of superiority, overshadowing their actual unfortunate circumstances that lack a foundation in science and understanding. According to a friend, this false sense of superiority hinders scholars from acknowledging their need for growth and discarding backwardness.

When residing in foreign countries, often labeled as atheistic lands, they prioritize benefiting from available privileges. Simultaneously, they make efforts to evade fulfilling their commitments, such as tax payments. Dishonestly providing information to gain illegal financial and social support is not uncommon.

They are diligent in securing their entitlements, including the minimum salary requirement. However, when running a business, they might illegally employ individuals without providing social insurance and pay them salaries below the mandated minimum.

In some Gulf countries, including Kuwait, scholars resort to divorcing their wives formally to gain unauthorized social benefits or housing from the Municipality. Later, they remarry them in secret, facilitated by covert contracts signed by witnesses from their own circles, ready to testify to the legitimacy of the marriage.

Despite engaging in these unethical practices, they exhibit arrogance, likened to proud peacocks displaying their colorful feathers, believing their purity surpasses that of believers in other faiths.

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By Ahmed alsarraf

This news has been read 1488 times!

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