Arabs and conspiracy theory (Part 2)

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Ahmad Al-Sarraf

IN THE article written by Mohammad Al-Hashmi for the news website “Shafaf”, he wondered about the role played by Arab leaders during the period that determined the destiny of the entire Arab world.

There is no doubt that such a role was nil, as their abilities are very low compared to that of the Jewish leaders. On one hand, the Jewish leaders possessed outstanding qualifications that paved their way for establishing good relations with the international powers. On the other hand, the then Arab leaders had limited abilities and short-sightedness. The weakness of their abilities led them to repeat their mistakes over and over again. Unfortunately, we are still paying costly prices for their stubborn stances and wastage of opportunities.

The recent stance of Hamas can be considered as an example in this regard. Hamas accepted the establishment of a state on part of the Palestinian land. It then changed its mind after witnessing massive sacrifices represented by massacre of thousands of victims and the financial costs incurred as well as spoiling the future of millions of Palestinian children.

The writer Mohammad Al-Hashmi continues by asking how countries like the United States of America, Britain and France sympathize with Arab countries while the then Mufti of Palestine had supported Hitler and even met him although Hitler was their top enemy who caused the death of about 50 million people due to his crazy dreams.

There are about 15 million Jews in the entire world while Arabs are 400 million and Muslims are more than one billion. The Jewish people have been exposed to massacre and displacement throughout their history. Eventually they realized that they need to depend on their intelligence, scientific skills and knowledge to compensate for their low population. In less than 100 years, they managed to realize many achievements in all fields including physics, mathematics, chemistry, medicine, economy and philosophy.

Al-Hashmi revealed that the inception of this strategy was during a Zionist conference held at Basel in 1897 when Arabs had no voice and had zero achievements to its credit.

We talk too much about the so called “Crimes of the Jews” but no Jews, Christians, communists or any others have hurt Arabs as severely as Arabs hurt themselves.

In conclusion, let us imagine a situation whereby the land of Palestine has become empty after 100 years while the Arabs and Israel are still disputing over it. If the judge is the West, on whose favor will the decision be?

The answer is too obvious but painful at the same time. It is no longer a matter of rights. It has nothing to do with our sympathy for the right of the Palestinians in their own land. It is linked to the interests of countries and the method used by countries to deal with each other.

It is said that there is no eternal enmity but there are eternal interests. Considering this, we can see that the Belfour Declaration was issued in favor of the more powerful party.

If we want Palestine back, we must stop crying over spilled milk. It is not enough to just be right but we have to seek the power of science, cultural advancement and participation in human heritage. This is the only way the world will support us. I do not know when this will happen especially since many among us consider Ibn Rushed, Al-Farabi, Ibn Sina, Al-Khwarizmi and other scientists whom we are proud of as infidels and atheists.

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By Ahmed Al-Sarraf

This news has been read 6717 times!

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