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Arabs … coming days worse than the wailing past

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

DID the Palestinians want to liberate their territory as the money showered on factional leaders transformed them from revolutionists to businessmen so much that wealth acquired through Arab and international aid made them forget about the struggle; while they abandoned their country to drown into settlements and even converted their people into construction workers to build these settlements?

Did the Arabs really wish to retrieve Palestine or they – regimes, parties and ideological groups – only used and are still using the issue to achieve certain populist objectives?

For a period stretching back to a century, there has been no sign of any serious action in the interest of the cause. Instead, all attempts have been counterproductive.

Therefore, what is happening today in Palestine and the Arab World is just crying over spilled milk and displaying slogans at the expense of millions of Palestinians living in perpetual misery. This is in addition to several millions of Arabs who have been transformed into fuel for those slogans, while words are not translated into reality.

It is impossible to resolve this issue, which was lost in the labyrinth of special interests of Arabs and Palestinians, through resonant talks and bumblebee statements. Everybody must accept the reality to spare themselves and the Palestinians the suffering by seriously looking into new issues or reveal their true positions without declaring anything other than their ulterior motive.

Today, many countries in the Arab world have the same fate as Palestine. I mean Libya, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and Somalia which are left for some regional powers to exploit civil wars or critical situations in these countries to execute their plans, while the Arabs contribute to the exploitation consciously or unconsciously.

We are facing new disasters which are likely to be 10 times more serious than the Palestinian issue. There were times the issue was lost through the action of citizens and through the games of Ottoman descendants and Arabs at other times. If the countries left at the mercy of Iran, Turkey and Israel are lost; all Arabs will be lost with them. Only then they will understand the meaning of the phrase: “I was consumed the day the white bull was eaten.” This is the ‘none of my business’ attitude which started with the so-called Arab Spring more than nine years ago.

Instead of feeling the danger, Arab countries were busy supplying ammunition to armed groups and movements in Syria, Libya and Iraq as they stood aloof watching the Iranian mess in Yemen and Lebanon without realizing it was the beginning of a disaster. The intention was to engulf Arabian Gulf countries with fire. Sparks of the evil has spread to some countries, while the devils who know how to use the ‘divide and rule’ principle to serve their interests tried to destabilize security in Egypt, Morocco and other stable countries.

The opportunity is still open to stop the tripartite regional absurdity – Ottoman-Persian-Jewish – in all Arab countries, starting from Syria by assisting it to challenge the tripartite destructive project. There must be resoluteness to ensure things work in favor of Libya and Yemen. Protesters in Iraq and Lebanon should be assisted to liberate them from Iranian control. Otherwise, Arabian wailing over Palestine will transform into worse than the past wailing in the coming days. This is due to their failure in challenging those who abandoned them while busy with settling personal scores.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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