Arab love … religious hatred

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The title of the article is adapted from an article written by our colleague Imran Salman, in Al-Hurra on 5/11/2021, in which he asked a group of painful and funny questions, and how those who are addicted to portraying the West as conspiring against Arabs and Muslims, and phrases such as ‘the infidel West’ are common in their literature, and the ‘colonial West’ and ‘the ignorant West’ with severe criticisms of the moral system and individual behavior in Western countries, and their conspiracy against us to plunder our wealth!

For your information, Western countries participated in the battle to liberate Kuwait, led by America, and did not ask Kuwait for a single barrel of oil for free in return for their participation in the war!

Then my colleague Imran asked a question: ‘If the West is what is portrayed as, why do Arabs, and Muslims in particular, prefer to live in the West, whatever the reasons ? Why would they risk themselves on land, sea or air in order to reach these countries?

Why don’t they go to the Muslim countries or to non-Western countries, such as China, India or Russia? Even if they go to them and to others, whether Arab or Islamic, they are waiting for opportunities to continue fleeing to Western countries. So, there must be something that attracts these people to the West, so what is this thing?

Islamists and conspiracy theorists avoid answering these questions, or if they answer they say some nonsense. There is a direct relationship between secularism of the Western states and its democratic system and respect for human rights, and between progress and considering it a very appropriate destination to resort to, especially among Muslims.

Their secularism makes them tolerant of the beliefs of others. Their humanity and high morals motivate them to provide all kinds of assistance and various services to those who turn to them.

Because they are democratic countries, they also allow them to organize themselves and freely express their opinions and ideas, and to have their own clubs and newspapers. Therefore, why do Middle Eastern and Islamic countries refuse to implement these values?

There may be those who believe that arriving in the West as a refugee means arriving at the abode of war or infidelity, and he has to invade it and slaughter its inhabitants or take them captives and slaves. Others also believe that their migration to those countries will one day allow them to control them and convert them to the Islamic system.

Criticizing the West, which has great merit over humanity, and who has great values, is crude and disappointing, serving only the tyrants in Islamic countries.

The first is to reform the conditions of our countries rather than criticizing others. Reform here is not intended to reach advanced levels in various fields. This requires great time and effort. Rather, the point is to work on resolving conflicts and sectarian and political rivalries, and to provide security, stability and a decent life for people in these countries so that they can practice their lives in a manner that preserves their humanity.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 15756 times!

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