Sunday , September 24 2023

Arab Alliance is self defense

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IT HAS become crystal clear that the decision-making kitchen in Iran excels in estimating the ingredients, such that the poison it cooks backfires on it. Therefore, the proverb, ‘Eat the bad food you cooked,’ is applicable to Iran.

The Iranian regime fled from internal social and economic crises due to the absence of a reconstruction project, resorting to the devilish idea of exporting the revolution aimed at drawing the attention of Iranians away from corruption of governance.

It is known that the Iranian regime strove to prolong the war with Iraq to more than eight years but failed to do so. It then targeted the weakest link of the Arab chain which it can easily control and use as a platform for promoting its ideas. It started in Lebanon where the Iranian regime turned Hezbollah into a state within a state, thanks to the military and financial support deducted from the share of Iranian citizens.

Everybody witnessed the unprecedented mess and sectarian division in Lebanon. It is true that the civil war in Lebanon was, to some extent, covered by sectarian color but the crises and disputes caused by Hezbollah were beyond any expectation.

Today, the Mullah regime’s project is suffering from frequent defeats. During the war which lasted for more than four years, the Iranian regime failed to mount coup plotters to control Yemen. We see them struggling from one area to the other under the attacks of the Yemeni army and the popular resistance movement supported by the Arab alliance. This alliance was created for self-defense and to protect the sovereignty of GCC countries that felt the danger of Persian invasion when the latter tried to put them between the jaws of pliers, from the south up to Iraq.

Countries in the Arab alliance did not start confronting the Persian project until they suffered a lot due to Persian terrorist cells, especially in Kuwait where the mercenaries of the Revolutionary Guard carried out a number of terrorist attacks known to everybody. The recent crime committed by the Iranian regime is the directive given to one of its mouthpieces – Al-Manar TV Channel – to attack Kuwait and its Amir in a bid to make cracks in the wall of friendship between Lebanon and Kuwait. The popular and formal reaction in Lebanon revealed the weakness of Iranian control. This reaction signals the end of the Persian project in the region.

Definitely, we do not need to be reminded of the crimes committed by Iran in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. Saying that the Arab alliance is for self-defense is based on data and incidents which can no longer be counted. If Iran managed to control Saudi Arabia, not a single Gulf country would have been away from the existential thread including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and even Qatar that continues with Iranian strategies and opens its TV channels; particularly Al-Jazeera TV, to host Iranians and their mercenaries in order to enrage sisterly GCC countries.

In the past four decades, the only request of the international community is for Iran to stop interfering in the affairs of neighboring countries and to stop exporting terrorism. However, the stupidity of the Iranian regime proved to be a hopeless case. Thus, the international blockade is getting tougher; and by November 2018, Iran will find no one to buy its oil. Moreover, crises continue daily, the currency is depreciating and the commercial exchange is fading.

The abovementioned crises will be solved only once the political attitude of the Iranian regime changes. The second option seems more realistic – a revolution to end the era of darkness. Then, it will be time for the Iranian regime to taste the poison it has been cooking for 39 years.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times