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Sunday , January 29 2023

‘Appeals’ nullifies appointment of expat as manager of firm, cancels arrest order

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Court postpones case of Egyptian suspects in killing of Saudi mother, Kuwaiti daughter to Nov 14

KUWAIT CITY, May 2: The Commercial Circuit of the Court of Appeals cancelled the appointment of an expatriate as the manager of an undisclosed company in accordance with the decision taken by the general assembly of the company retroactively. The court also cancelled the arrest order and subpoena issued against him. In an appealed lawsuit brought by Lawyer Hashim Al-Rifai on behalf of his client, he explained that his client worked two years for the company on an investment contract only.

However, he was surprised to be appointed as manager of the company without his knowledge. He was listed in the registry of Ministry of Commerce and Industry in an attempt to harm him and expose him to legal punishments. Lawyer Al-Rifai requested the court for the deletion of his client’s name retroactively from the records of the ministry as well as removal of his client from the management of the company. While the Court of First Instance dismissed the case, Lawyer Al-Rifai was firm with his demands until the Court of Appeals ruled in his favor. Meanwhile, the Misdemeanor Court acquitted an individual who was accused of possession of heroin and other intoxicants for consumption and trade. The Public Prosecution had accused the suspect of possessing heroin, morphine, and methamphetamine for consumption and trade without verifying whether the man had official authorization for possessing the drugs. According to the case file, an undercover agent had agreed with the suspect to purchase five kilograms of heroin worth KD 125 from him. The suspect was arrested immediately after the transaction was completed. Subsequent search of his apartment exposed a plastic bag which contained a beige-colored substance suspected to be heroin and cigarettes allegedly containing illicit drugs. However, the defense counsel Lawyer Abdulwahab Bin Salama faulted the procedures of arrest and search procedures without obtaining any official warrant.

Trial postponed to Nov 14: Criminal Court of Al-Minia governorate in Egypt, has postponed the trial of the Egyptian suspects in the murder of Saudi mother and her Kuwaiti daughter to November 14, 2017, reports Al-Anba daily. Speaking to the daily, the lawyer for the plaintiffs said the postponement came following a strike by the Egyptian Bar Association. According to the Association if any attorney attends a case in court, he/she will be barred from practicing law.

However, the main accused is said to have retracted his confession and said he did not kill the Saudi woman but admitted to killing her daughter. He claimed the mother lost balance and fell in the well and died. He added, he killed the daughter in self-defence because when she learned about the death of her mother, she attempted to stab him with a knife. Five persons, including two women, are charged with the premeditated murder. The Samalot Prosecution in the Minya governorate of Upper Egypt had earlier remanded the main accused in the murder and his wife Hana’a Al-Hashim to 45 days police custody. The suspect, identified as AbdulTawab, is charged with the coldblooded murder after luring the two victims to Egypt under the pretext of buying real estate. After the expiry of the police remand, the main accused, were referred to the criminal court. According to Egyptian security sources, the main accused AbdulTawab had re-enacted in detail the crime he committed in the Al-Khareejin village No 4 in the Samalot Center, in Minya, Upper Egypt in front of the Egyptian Public Prosecutor.

At the outset the suspect had point blank denied killing the women but when he was confronted with the evidence, he caved in and said he killed the daughter but not her mother. He added, he took the victims from Cairo to Minya by train and then by taxi to Al-Khareejin village. He confessed, after both women arrived at the site, the Saudi woman saw the place, the land and the well (where they apparently died). He convinced the mother that the land is good for agriculture and she fell for the idea. He went on to say, the daughter preferred to take rest in one of the rooms in a house on the farm as her mother went about looking exploring the place. He disclosed when the mother went too close to the well, she slipped and fell in and he left her to die. He then returned to the house where the daughter was resting and when the latter asked for her mother, he told her she was still busy looking the place with one of his relatives. He added, one hour passed and when the daughter became anxious, she saw a knife in the room and threatened him because she suspected something was fishy about the whole affair. He added, he managed to handle the daughter and attacked her with an iron rod and until she bled. Then he dragged the bleeding woman to the well and dumped her 20 meters down.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff and Agencies

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