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Brother Khaled Sultan Al-Essa tweeted announcing that a decision was issued to allow only foreign companies to participate in road maintenance tenders, thus depriving clean Kuwaiti companies from these tenders. He said that he knows the agent of foreign companies.

In principle, it is very difficult to imagine the existence of clean companies, and if they exist, they are very few because of the dishonesty of many state officials.

I personally suffered for years from this matter, and I lost many supply contracts, to be given to others in front of my eyes, and this is happening until this moment, and I only recently started to raise the voice of protest at officials of two ministries concerned with the matter.

I am not in contact with the sources of the decision, but I cannot believe that such a decision would be issued by them, and the deprivation of local companies, and the reason is that such a decision represents the height of humiliation because it is not applicable in the first place, especially in the foreseeable future.

The problem, as we explained in our last article on the methods, is not only related to the executing company, as it is a party, and not the problem, to end when we change its nationality, but there are other matters of equal importance or more.

Since repairing roads is an urgent matter that cannot wait for another year, the principle of seeking help from foreign companies will not solve the problem, as they do not have immediate work permits to work, nor offices, nor employment, residencies, nor housing, and they do not have local asphalt factories, and they do not have land from the municipality to store materials and equipment.

They also do not have transportation and paving equipment, nor even knowledge of the nature of the problem and its size, nor the scope of its responsibility, all of which are very complicated matters for the foreign company. Is it required to repair the potholes, scrape the asphalt, or build the road entirely anew?

These foreign companies do not have any contacts with the countries exporting pebbles in the region.

All of these preparations require long months, especially in light of the bureaucracy and administrative corruption that we have, let alone implementation.

What if these companies discovered that they had to bribe so-and-so in order for work to proceed, or at least to accelerate, then wouldn’t we have returned to zero point?

Who guarantees that these very honest companies will not end up like half honest companies?

By virtue of logic and law, the only body that should be entrusted with the issue of road reform is the Roads Authority as it needs someone with the strength, solidity and integrity of the late Lieutenant General Mohammad Al-Badr, in order to be given full authority and budget to save the situation away from the routine of a ministry, whose current minister may not return to assume the portfolio tomorrow, with all due respect to her person, so we come back to square one with the new minister, and so on.

For information, the Minister of Works formed a committee from within the ministry to develop a solution to the road problem, and previously froze the work of the Roads Authority and emptied it of all its tasks, as it had previously promised or sought to benefit from Qatar’s experience, its laboratories and methods of paving its roads.

Finally, the minister summoned representatives of the embassies of great powers and others, to discuss a solution to the road problem with them, and so on.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 24441 times!

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