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Sunday , February 23 2020

Amiri speech decisive

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

THE speech given by HH the Amir during the inauguration of the 14th legislative term of the Parliament yesterday outlined the coming phase which he called a litmus test for the legislative authority concerning several sensitive issues.

HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah in his address to the parliamentarians and Kuwaitis stressed on hard work to develop the country on the scientific and economic fronts.

He also stressed on the essence of unity which is epitomized in tolerance — a key element that brings victory to the nation and takes care of all man-made calamities in the region.

The speech of HH the Amir did not only highlight what is happening on the home front, but clearly spelt out the dangers facing the region, the GCC security and threats and how to confront them.

History will testify that we have not seen such a harmony in former parliaments like what we witnessed yesterday inside the Abdullah Al-Salem Hall when the Speaker of the National Assembly spelled out the commitments binding lawmakers to help the executive authority continue in its work as instructed by HH the Amir. This is exactly what Kuwait had waited for over the past years.

Yes, in this sincere homeland the political leadership was waiting to remove all obstacles put in its path by former parliaments because every MP looked at things from a different perspective.

We read words between the lines when some Parliament speakers used provocative language killing the essence and the requirements of Kuwaitis.

This unfortunately put the economy, development, education, health, infrastructure and even social relations on the backburner and led to a series of chaotic scenarios which almost led to the death of democracy and thrust the society into a whirlwind sectarianism and tribalism.

The total harmony between the Amiri vision and the speech of the Parliament Speaker who has spelled out the government program reflects our national reality and the duty of the executive and legislative authorities — to translate this reality into a series of achievements.

This can be achieved only if we turn our backs on liars, opportunists and people who have self-centered interests.

On the Gulf front, HH the Amir has dispelled fears and cast away doubts because some people – both our own and outsiders — tried to sow disunity among the Gulf brothers by spreading rumors that Kuwait’s foreign policy does not go hand in hand with the Gulf Cooperation Council.

Therefore, HH the Amir re-emphasized the direction stressing on unity and common destiny particularly during the critical phase by once again putting emphasis on security.

He called, ‘the security of the State of Kuwait is the security of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’. Moreover, any attack or threat issued against any GCC country is an attack against Kuwait, he said.

Kuwait’s participation in the ‘Storm of Resolve’, the Amir said, is aimed at defending national integrity by protecting regional security through the brave confrontation led by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman bin Abdulaziz to keep in check the expansionist projects of a regional power through the Yemeni gate.

The speech of HH the Amir reflects the spirit of the Kuwaitis. It is a compass that will help the country move in the right direction without harming our national causes and regional relations.

Today, all of us particularly the legislative authority must necessarily follow the directions contained in the speech of HH the Amir without being influenced by the seaweeds which grow in the quagmire of brackish ideas which are alien to our culture.

Kuwait’s history has been clearly defined yesterday by HH the Amir in his speech. Therefore, there should be no excuses to prevent Kuwait from marching forward and realizing development on all fronts, particularly on the economic front.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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