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Withdrawing of Expats driving license begins from Dec 26th

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 15: All expats in Kuwait have been suddenly prohibited from renewing their driving licenses at present as the authorities are awaiting for a mechanism to withdraw driving licenses of expats who do not meet the conditions. 
The decision was implemented about a week ago to block access to an automated system for renewal of driving licenses.  Directives were passed not to renew, replace, and apply for lost license until the mechanism was established by a technical committee formed by the Undersecretary of the Ministry Interior team Faisal Al-Nawaf.

The sources stated that even if the expats meet all the conditions for holding a driving license, the traffic department has stopped receiving renewal and other transactions. Those holding expired driving licenses in the event of traffic mishaps will have to face legal consequences, reports Al Rai. The Kuwaiti citizens are also affected by this decision as their drivers and workers driving license have expired. 

The traffic patrols have been briefed to register a traffic violation for those caught driving a vehicle with an expired license. From Dec 26 driving licenses of expats who have obtained illegally will be revoked. Since Manpower and Residence Affairs systems are interconnected those who meet the conditions will be allowed to renew the license. The  automated system verifies past and current profession, salary and university degree.

This decision will cause a new crisis by completely paralyzing the medical service sector, engineers and technicians on projects which will cause huge financial losses in private and public sectors. Especially since the majority of workers are expats and they have obtained the driving license from the Ministry of Interior legally as they meet the condition quick decision is required to avert losses. 

The sources stated that the committee is continuing to solve the traffic congestion problem in Kuwait by reorganizing and granting driving licenses to those who meet the conditions. Those driving licenses are blocked or withdrawn if found driving will be in violation of traffic law and will be deported from Kuwait.

Conditions to obtain driving license

As per Ministerial Resolution No. 5598/2014 issued on 11-25-2014 states that an expat working in private or public sector can acquire driving license requires

1. 2 yrs residence in Kuwait
2. Monthly salary should be KD 600
3. Should have University degree

Which expats can apply for driving license

1. Kuwaiti wives / widow / divorced having children
2. Husband of Kuwaiti woman and their children
3. Students studying in University or applied institute in Kuwait
4. Members of diplomatic bodies
5. Professional players of sports clubs and federations in government agencies
6. Drivers and delegates of embassy
7. Servants working for sponsors for a period of not less than 5 years provided their profession is driver
8. Technicians specialized in oil fields in oil companies
9. Pilots, captains and their assistants.
10 .Nurses, physiotherapists and technicians of medical professions.
11. Dead body washers
12. Housewives having children and their spouses from the following categories: The judiciary, Members of the Public Prosecution Office, Advisors and experts,  Faculty members in universities and institutes, Doctors and pharmacists – general managers and their assistants.“

7 categories excluded from Salary and Residency requirement

1 – Judges, members of the Public Prosecution Office and advisors.
2 – Faculty members in universities and applied institutes.
3- Journalists and media professionals.
4- Doctors and pharmacists.
5- Researchers of all their names, jurists, translators, librarians and imams of mosques working in government agencies.
6- Teachers, social workers and engineers.
7- Sports coaches working in sports federations and clubs in government agencies.

3 categories excluded from Residency requirement

1 – The general managers and their assistants of all their names.
2- Directors of all their names.
3- Delegates of all their names.

Withdrawing of driving license

• The driver’s or representative’s license is canceled by canceling his residence or changing his profession. A new license is not granted but only after two years and with new procedures can apply.

• The license shall be canceled upon changing the profession to a profession not covered by the decision.

• All driving licenses issued to expats are valid according to the length of stay

In Brief:
The traffic department refused to receive expats who wanted to renew driving license.
Many expats have become violators for driving without a valid license.
Kuwaiti citizens have been affected by this decision as their domestic helpers (drivers) driving licenses have been expired.
This decision has also affected Kuwaiti wives and their children.
Even if expats meet conditions currently cannot renew their license.
Only Kuwaitis, Gulf Citizens and Bedouns can renew.
The insurance company will not cover any accidents for those having expired driving license.

This news has been read 338209 times!

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