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‘Alarm bells keep ringing’

We have a bunch of popular proverbs with contradictory meanings, such as ‘Spend what is in the pocket and what is in the unseen will return to you or ‘Save the penny for a rainy day’.

We also say that heads of state are often of the same type as their own people. The warriors and people who are adventurous often choose a leader who is a warrior and adventurer. If the people love the arts, they will definitely not choose those who hate arts, and so on.

On the other hand, however, we find that societies and states change and are radically shaped based on the desire or vision of those who take charge or who manage them just as the saying goes ‘People follow the religion of their kings’.

A healthy family is the product of good mother and good father; a successful company or school is the fruit of the efforts of its top management. Thus, when the family, the company or the school fails the blame falls on the head of not the children or the workers.

When King Henry VIII decided to divorce his wife, contrary to the instructions of the Catholic Pope, he appointed himself head of the English Church and within a short period a majority of Englishmen converted from Catholicism to Protestantism, the new religion that their king had embraced.

And when Kemal Atatürk decided to carry out his secular revolution, severing all links with the Ottoman Caliphate and its religious and cultural heritage, the Turkish people followed him without much thought.

From my personal experience and coexistence with education for nearly half a century, I find that its decline began with the government handing over the ministries of education and training to the religious trend to shape it at its whim; thus we have reached this level of backwardness in all outputs.

This is what prompted many families, who are often educated and affluent to transfer their children to private and often bilingual schools to escape the low level of public schools, and the religious ideology that the minds of public education teachers were exposed to, especially Kuwaitis and Egyptians.

Within a few years, everyone who enrolled his child in a private school realized the correctness of his decision. The results appeared and the failure of the government education system became clear as a result of the Brotherhood and the Salafis control over education, and the damage caused to the liberal educational foundations laid by Abdullah Al-Jaber and Abdulaziz Hussein.

The youth of “Kuwait 2021” is the product of an education stage in which the decline at all levels did not stop. The matter could have been pursued and dealt with if the Corona pandemic had not struck us and more importantly if the government had had a semi-intent to develop an education plan that was binding on all those who would take over the affairs of the ministry for the next ten or twenty years so that education could be rescued from the gendarmerie that had reached it.

However, the continuation of the health crisis and the continued absence of the will and desire for development, and the increase in the number of births in many families in specific areas with almost no education in the foreseeable future, the greatest danger facing the state is not the depletion of oil or the deterioration of its prices or the scarcity of resources or the erosion of money of future generations, rather, the low level of education, which will quickly reflect on the society with a combination of lack of funds, poor upbringing and a clear decline in morals and education.

I will keep ringing the alarm bell over and over again, because as a writer, I can do nothing more.

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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