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Sunday , September 26 2021

Al-Sayer Group inaugurates new mega Toyota delivery center – Biggest and most advanced car preparation and delivery center in Kuwait

Al-Sayer Group offi cials and other dignitaries pose for a photo in front of the new facility and (below) The new car preparation and delivery center

KUWAIT CITY, March 7: Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Est Co, one of the Al-Sayer Group Holding Companies held a press conference to inaugurate the biggest and the most advanced facility for test drive, Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) and new cars handover center at Ardiya.

Board of Directors of Al-Sayer Group Holding Faisal Bader Al-Sayer Chairman and Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO welcomed and acknowledged the presence of the attendees including Hiroyuki Fukui, Managing Officer, Toyota Motor Corporation and delegates from Toyota Motor Corporation, Tadashi Fujiwara, Deputy Chief of the Mission from the Embassy of Japan, Ms Angela Loan, Charge D’Affaires and Jack Hajjar Commercial Counsellor and Regional Director at Austrade from the Embassy of Australia, Tatang Budie Utama Razak, His Excellency the Ambassador of Indonesia, members from Kuwait Ministry Departments and Automotive Union, valued Management partners from Press, representatives of the media, guests from banks and financial institutions and partners from fl eet businesses.

Bengt Schultz Chief Operating Officer, Johan Heislitz Senior Business Director Toyota Group Sales, Ibrahim Al- Fouzan Business Director Group Service Division,Bader Musaed Al-Sayer Business Director, Alejandro Massalin Chief Marketing Officer, Heads of the Trading Divisions of the Group and employees representing Al-Sayer Group were also present during the event which was held in the Auditorium of the newly inaugurated facility. Speaking on the occasion Faisal Bader Al-Sayer Chairman Al-Sayer Group Holding said “We are opening a mega integrated facility exclusively for our customers, mainly supporting our Toyota operations. I am delighted about this yet another memorable chapter for Al-Sayer that strengthens our many decades of partnership with Toyota Motor Corporation. Al-Sayer Group has refl ected Toyota’s values of putting the customer first and continuous improvement at the work place.

Today’s ceremony is dedicated to our beloved customers. We seek to build long term relationships and market share growth through our passion for competitive excellence in all aspects of customer service. We aim build a long-term relation with them.” According to Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO Al-Sayer Group Holding “As you know Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer & Sons Co became the authorized distributor of Toyota in 1954 and started selling cars under the efforts initiated by Naser Mohamed Al-Sayer, our Honorary Chairman. Since establishment MNSS and the Al-Sayer Group’s strategy has always been to support Toyota operations in Kuwait with best in the business standards in customer service alongside the best products and being the best employer and a responsible corporate citizen.

Various awards that we have earned for customer service from Toyota Motor Corporation over the years is a testimony of this approach.” New Toyota Delivery Center The new Ardiya Mega integrated facility that has been constructed on a plot of 18300 M2, with a total built-in area of 68000 M2 providing space for predelivery and delivery section, training centers, meeting rooms, this auditorium and car units storage. Highlighting the advanced systems at the new facility Johan Heislitz Senior Business Director from Toyota Group Sales said “Welcome to the brand new home of Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer and Sons — Mega Pre-Delivery and Delivery Center, we celebrate the grand opening of this magnificent structure. Today marks the culmination of a strategy that began 10 years ago.

An idea about a new and sophisticated operation both for pre delivery of new Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The total foot print of this facility is divided into following 2 basements for Lexus Storage with each basement 18000m2 in size, the all new delivery center 4500m2, Pre delivery areas 9000m2 and our new vehicle demonstration center 1500m2.” This facility would now serve as a catalyst for our growth over the next decade with really only one critical objective in mind and that is customer satisfaction.

The new state of the art Toyota Delivery Center is Open from 8 am to 8 pm, 7 days a week and features the below key highlights and sections:

■ Deliver more than 100 units per day

■ There are 4 dedicated delivery staff for Land cruiser deliveries and 9 delivery staff for all other Toyota passenger units

■ The facility is equipped with token numbering system for efficient service.

■ Systematic seating arrangements for Land cruiser and all other passenger unit customers

■ Refreshment equipment and friendly staff, all to give the customer “Feel at Home”.

■ There are two Supervisors to closely monitor the daily operations and activities

■ Customer relation officer is available for any assistance or customer query during/after delivery Basement Stockyard

■ Each basement is capable of holding a combined total of 1,200 units

■ The basement primarily serves as our Lexus storage facility

■ Stored units receive regular maintenance every 14 days, which improves upon Toyota VDQI of 30 days

■ Tyre pressure check

■ Rotation movement ( short drive to re distribute the load on tire )

■ Visual inspection

■ Battery condition

■ Running of AC

■ Running of engine

■ Each bin has a unique barcode location which is uplifted via Wi-fito the stock system immediately the unit is binned, maintained, moved Pre-Delivery Inspection – Mechanical

■ 12 workstations dedicated to Toyota

■ 4 work stations dedicated to Lexus

■ The technical inspection is a two man SOP developed in cooperation with MNNS service division building on Toyota VDQI SOP

■ Tool boxes and tool mix have been locally produced to optimize inspection process and minimize wasted time

■ Each station can produce 2 completed inspections per hour

■ The potential output is 32 units per hour or 256 units per day (8 hours) 6600 per working month 80,000 units per annum Car wash

■ The carwash is a two tunnel automated system from Germany out of a company with 60 years’ experience and a world leader

■ Each tunnel can wash up to 120 units per hour (240×2)

■ The car wash includes under body, high pressure wheel wash, front / rear high pressure wash , waxing and drying to 98% water free

■ It takes 4.5 minutes to transition from end to end with units 30 second spacing between units (at max output)

■ The wash system incorporates water recycling (designed and built locally) reverse osmosis system reducing out environmental impact which is in line with MNSS “ Green” corporate commitment policy Finishing and detailing

■ 8 bays out fitted with centralized vacuum system and other utilities

■ The valeting process involves , final drying around mirrors, window cleaning , tire blacking engine dressing and other fine detailing

■ The process is completed in under 15 minutes producing 4 units per hour or 32 units for the complete section

■ Capable of applying paint protection products, other small accessories in this section without slowing down the process Quality Control (QC) section

■ There are 10 QC stations with 3 dedicated to Lexus

■ Each station can complete on average 3.5 units per hour (model dependent) or 35 units for the complete section

■ We have supply of water, electricity and air at all stations for adjustments if required

■ Logo, model year sticker and the prestigious Al Sayer logo are installed at the QC section

■ Final QC will fix a green “OK” sticker onto the windscreen corner with the inspectors initials when passed

■ We have a bespoke high visibility light tunnel in the dedicated Lexus QC stations for minute inspection of paint quality and glass distortion from inside the unit at any of the seating positions. Final delivery

■ Completed units are transferred on to final delivery area dependent on model or end user designation

■ Retail Toyota direct to delivery center

■ Fleet delivery Toyota direct to outside had over area

■ Lexus to car elevator down to basement designated transit area for shipment to Lexus 7 star showroom/delivery center. “We conduct many extensive market surveys to better understand our customer requirements and to develop best practices and services that we must offer to our customers. During these surveys many customers had requested that they would appreciate same day delivery. This service is now a reality some days ago in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior we have inaugurated a system for instant registration with number plates and this enables our Company to offer same day delivery upon request” added Johan.

Commenting on the importance of customer service Bengt Schultz Chief Operating Officer Al-Sayer Group Holding said “In order to maintain what we achieved and to continue to do more, we will have to be innovative. Our way to respond, is to Engage with our customers One By One inspired by the words of Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota Motor Corporation. Taking the time to listen and understand, and to adopt our service to their needs.

Through Engagement One By One with our customers, we will ensure the best results in the business. By doing this we will not only satisfy our customers, but we will ensure excitement in the work place. Today’s opening ceremony of the New Mega Delivery Center is just another important step, as part of our continuous efforts – towards accomplishing our mission.” “We are also confident about our infrastructure development and steady expansion plans in the future. We will be opening new facilities during the next year including New Showroom at Abu Futeira and Jahra, new service facility at Fahahel, new management office for Al Sayer Rental Car in Ahmadi — to serve our customers across Kuwait” added Mubarak Al-Sayer.

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