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Thursday , October 6 2022

Al-Sayer aims for customer convenience first – MNSS opens new licensing department

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A new car number plate being issued.

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 26: Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer (MNSS), one of the Al-Sayer Group Holding Companies held an opening ceremony to announce the opening of the new licensing department for customers to obtain car number plates at Al- Rai showroom.

The event was held under the patronage of the Interior Assistant Undersecretary of the Citizenship and Passports Affairs General Shaikh Mazen Jarrah Al Subah, in the presence of VIP delegates from Ministry of Interior General Fahd Al Shuwai, General Adib Al Swaidan, General Ali Al Moauali and General Yakoub Al Yasin.

The event hosted by Mohamed Naser Al-Sayer was also attended by Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO Al-Sayer Group Holding, Bengt Kurt Schultz Chief Operating Officer, Abdullah Saleh Alshuwaie Senior Manager Customer Relations and Legal Representative along with representatives from Toyota Group Sales and Marketing team. Speaking on the occasion Mubarak Naser Al-Sayer CEO Al-Sayer Group Holding said “I take this opportunity to thank the traffic department for their support to introduce this special service to our customers. This occasion reflects the cooperation between Ministry of Interior and the private sector. Such service will definitely add convenience for customers and help drive customer satisfaction.”

The authorized licensing department at Toyota Al-Rai showroom will provide registered number plates for the purchase of new cars from Mohamed Naser Al- Sayer and car dealerships in Kuwait. The operations and the customer relations team at Al-Sayer will continue to focus on offering great customer experience and excellent customer satisfaction. “Al-Sayer in this regard has been a leader in initiating new customer centric services and solutions, commencing operations of the first ever traffic department at Al-Rai showroom during April 2002 is a testimony of this approach. I also take this opportunity to thank everyone involved who have worked towards making this opening event of the licensing department a great success”, Mubarak Al-Sayer added. Brigadier Adib Al Swaidan, Director General of General Directorate of Service Centers, on behalf of Ministry of Interior and Brigadier Shaikh Mazen Jarrah Al Subah, Interior Assistant Undersecretary for Citizenship and Passports Affairs, highlighted “the importance of joint cooperation, with private sector, for Ministry of Interior as it proved its excellence and its ability to facilitate transactions for citizens and expatriates in State of Kuwait which gave it a distinctive remarkable position among GCC and Middle East for providing exceptional services. He extended his appreciation to the unknown soldiers headed by Hashem Dashti, Supervisor of Automotive Agencies Offices, who facilitate the communication between Ministry of Interior and private sector” .

Brigadier Fahd Al Shuwai, Assistant Undersecretary of Traffic Affairs and Director General of the General Directorate of Traffic, thanked the private sector specially for facilitating the area and spaces required for the opening of Ministry of Interior Service Center to issue plate numbers for vehicles. Brigadier Eng Ali Al Moauali, Director General of General Directorate of Information Systems commented: “Providing service centers for plates outside the official offices of Ministry of Interior is exceptional, therefore there should be a double effort to facilitate and provide such special services in cooperation with private sector.

Brigade Yakoub Al Yasin, Director General of Automotive Agents Union concluded the speeches saying : “On behalf of Automotive Agents Union, I extend my sincere thanks for the continues cooperation between the Ministry of Interior and public sector which is confirmed today through the cooperation between the Ministry and MNSS, exclusive dealer of Toyota and Lexus brands in Kuwait, by opening the new service center for instant delivery of plates numbers at the location of Toyota Al Sayer Company in Al Rai area.”

Al-Sayer Group presented with representatives from Ministry of Interior and MNSS, presented to the leaders of all departments in Ministry of Interior and to everyone participated in this successful achievement. Opening press conference was concluded by ribbon cutting ceremony of the new center in the presence of Ministry of Interior and MNSS representatives. The event was attended by a number of Ministry of Interior and Automotive Agents Union representatives in addition to press and media representatives.

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