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Al-Nafisi, Liz and Mary

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TV CHANNELS don’t usually ask their guests to be honest, that’s a fact. But when falseness is repeated by a specific guest over the course of episodes, and the channel realizes this, the channel must be cautious during the ensuing interviews and maintain its credibility, as it is more valuable than how many advertisements it gets or the number of followers it has.

From this point of view, lawyer Imad Al-Seif tweeted asking Al-Qabas to include the contracts of those interviewed over the course of episodes, provided that they avoid mentioning inaccurate, incorrect, or suspicious matters, while minimizing the citation of statements or events of those who passed away.

Al-Qabas agreed with the academic Abdullah Al-Nafisi to conduct a series of interviews, after the success of the first black box episodes with him, albeit with a different direction.
As many expected, including lawyer Imad Al-Seif, the guest made fatal mistakes and directed accusations that should not have been issued by a specialist like him, and words that are far from the truth, unfair accusations and a change in the facts, all of which easily deceived the presenter, and the viewers of the program.

If the presenter carried the weight and stature of the colleague and captain Sami Al-Nisf, the guest would have been more careful about going into the narration of his false tales.
Al-Nafisi alleged in his last interview that Liz Dick Cheney, the daughter of the former Vice-President of America, was sent to Kuwait by the White House to our poor countries, knowing that she is the ‘leader of the lesbian movement in America’. She came with a friend to warn us against the material that incites hatred and is taught within the curricula of our schools and other allegations and deceptions.

First, Liz Cheney is Philip Perry’s wife, they have five children, and she is a religious woman. Liz visited Kuwait in June 2005 in her official capacity and not as a representative of the White House. She met with women and female members of the National Assembly at the time, and got wonderful impressions about Kuwait. She did not interfere in the curricula and did not point a finger at anyone. The links for this visit are on the Internet, and there is nothing about the allegations that Al-Nafisi made.
As for her sister, Mary, she is lesbian, and she was never the head of the “lesbian movement in America”, assuming the existence of such a movement.

By listening to what Mr. Al-Nafisi said against Liz Cheney, you feel the extent of his contempt for homosexuals, or lesbians, as he pronounced it with disgust, forgetting that at least they do not deal with these matters with fear and deception nor with lying, but rather face them with their usual frankness.
As for our societies and the percentage of lesbians, brother Abdullah should have known, is no less than their percentage in almost all societies of the world, we rejected them and considered them a danger to society and deserve to be burned to death. All this pushed them into isolation, after they were deprived of their most basic rights in life by revealing their tendencies.

Therefore, you should not stone people’s homes, if your Kuwaiti house is made of glass or straw. Perhaps, you do not know that incest love as it was found by a women’s association, is widespread in our society, but there is a blackout on it, for fear of shame and the victim’s fear of punishment. Therefore, please do not portray the societies of others as decadent while ours are virtuous.
If this is the logic of our sanity, then what do we leave for the foolish among us?

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By Ahmad alsarraf

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