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Iraqi Engineer Fareed Al Kufaishi raised a poignant question on his Facebook account from Canada, asking, “Are our politicians the only ones corrupt, or are we all corrupt?”

He continued, sharing his disillusionment after a recent visit to his homeland, stating, “My entire belief system crumbled during my visit.

Needing medical treatment, I visited a hospital only to discover that health practitioners were no less corrupt than the politicians. Purchasing a piece of land, I encountered corruption in various official institutions during transactions.

From customs and traffic to education, corruption was rampant. Even at the mechanic’s workshop, I found corruption comparable to that of politicians. I was advised that everyone involved in construction, from laborers to contractors, was equally corrupt.

Seeking services from technicians, service providers, or public sector officials meant falling prey to corruption. People complain about corrupt politicians while engaging in corrupt practices themselves. If given the chance, they would indulge in corruption just like politicians do. We, as a nation, are self-destructing due to ignorance and foolishness.

The only exception may be retirees, simply because they are not engaged in active employment.”

The pain runs deep because no one seems concerned about effecting change, or about the region’s bleak future in terms of safety and environment. Everyone is complicit in corruption and seems to protect it, believing they benefit from it in some way and may lose those advantages if they oppose it. Although Kuwait’s conditions may not be as dire, they are not drastically different.

He criticized the electoral process, emphasizing that despite being aware of the backgrounds of most elected officials, people voted for them multiple times. He highlighted the disconnect between their public stances and the privileges they secured for their families, all the while being incapable of effective legislations or government oversight. Yet, they were re-elected, leading to a cycle of corruption perpetuated by the populace.

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By Ahmed alsarraf

This news has been read 3322 times!

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