Al Kandari and spiteful stealing of our sciences

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Fayez Al-Kandari, who was detained in “Guantanamo”, and for whom the state spent millions to release him and return him to his homeland, says:

“The Islamic economy was the strongest for centuries, and our civilization was the largest in history, and it extended for centuries, and our borders reached China in the east and the Atlantic in the west.

On the scientific side, Abu Al-Barakat Al-Baghdadi has the precedence over the British scientist Newton in discovering the laws of motion.

Ibn Sina also discovered schistosomiasis (as he pronounced it) and meningitis. Al-Biruni also discovered the laws of gravity before others, as he explained the phenomena of eclipses and was able to measure the diameter of the globe, and its sphericity before Galileo, and determined the latitude and longitude, and said that the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound.

He said Al-Razi invented the surgical threads currently used, and that Al-Khwarizmi is the father of Logarithms, the foundation of computer science, and that Ibn al-Haytham showed us how the eye sees.

He said that the Westerners are thieves who stole the sciences of other nations, and attributed it to themselves because of their hatred against us. America also stole the wealth of Iraq and Afghanistan!

I would not have responded to his words, which were mentioned in the Black Box program, had it not been for the repetition of many similar things.

I had to respond because it is mostly incorrect, and this requires clarification, especially the saying that the reason for all our backwardness is because we distanced ourselves from religion, knowing that the most strict countries religiously, is Afghanistan, where he went to fight in defense of its current political system itself.

There is no progress of any kind in Kabul despite the “strong” adherence of its government to the true religion, and the application of its teachings literally!

Likewise, America, the messenger of Western thought, which previously liberated Japan from its delusions and the supremacy of its emperor, and saved Germany from its insane dictator, and pulled Korea out of the clutches of communism, and liberated us from the oppression of the tyrant, did not plunder any wealth of these countries, but rather did the opposite, as Washington flooded these countries with their taxpayers’ money to restore life to its arteries, and this is not a testimony of vindication of the bloody history of America, nor of European colonial history, for this is known, and all powerful countries have acted and will act, whenever they find that it is in their interest to colonize other countries that are weaker than them, and what the Umayyad, Abbasid, Ottoman and others did is not an exception, this is human nature.

As for the achievements of Ibn Sina and Al-Khwarizmi, and dozens of others who were forgotten, or by Brother Fayez, they are, for his knowledge, religious outcasts, and the validity of their faith is almost all challenged.

All the caliphs of the successive “Islamic” countries, and that this is the reason for our backwardness, not colonialism that took from us the sciences that it talks about because they are “hateful”, but rather because we killed our scholars and abandoned their knowledge and rejected their sciences, and considered them a title of disbelief and heresy!

Does Brother Fayez know that the clergy burned all of Ibn Rushd’s books; and that Ibn Sina was called the imam of atheists? And that Al-Razi was mocking the sheikhs of religion? And that Al-Tawhidi burned his books himself because of oppression from the clergy? And that Al-Ma’ari imposed imprisonment on himself for the same reasons?

The list is long, and there is no room for mentioning everything, and it is enough to know that Imam Al-Shafi’i considered natural sciences, chemistry and philosophy to be taboo, and that he and Imam Al-Ghazali, Al-Dhahabi, Ibn Al-Qayyim, Ibn Al-Jawzi, Ibn Taymiyyah and others issued fatwas declaring takfir and wasting the blood of all those who insult the rational sciences!

Go and read your history, which you are proud of, well, and then give us lectures, through the black box!

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By Ahmad alsarraf

This news has been read 39611 times!

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