Al-Baidan calls for club privatization and accountability

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Youssef Al-Baidan, Director of the General Authority for Sports.

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 20: Youssef Al-Baidan, Director of the General Authority for Sports, emphasized the responsibility of general assemblies in sports federations for evaluating their performance. Whether their tenure spans a year or completes an electoral cycle, Al-Baidan stated that if a federation fails, it is essential to reward successful initiatives and hold those accountable for failures.

In a recent television interview, Al-Baidan clarified that he is not blaming the Football Association for Kuwait’s loss to India, emphasizing that any federation’s failure to work or produce results should prompt a change. He highlighted that changing an unsuccessful union is not a mistake, and the authority, as a financial regulatory body, can cease support for any underperforming union according to the law.

Addressing club privatization, Al-Baidan emphasized the need for implementation as part of upcoming professionalism laws. He stated that club allocation should be based on institutional merit rather than random selection, adhering to legal frameworks.

Regarding stadium development, Al-Baidan mentioned that design tenders have been signed for Kuwait, Al-Qadsia, and Kazma stadiums. He also noted that Al-Arabi is considering constructing a new stadium in a different location.

Al-Baidan highlighted the importance of transparency in candidate selection, advocating for the availability of CVs for all club and federation members to address challenges to the authenticity of some candidates’ credentials.

Regarding investment opportunities, Al-Baidan affirmed that all clubs have the right to invest, but active participation from boards of directors is crucial for successful outcomes in this aspect.

This news has been read 261 times!

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