Al-Baghdadi and Nasrallah, two sides of terrorism knife

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Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

ABUBAKAR AL-BAGHDADI and Hassan Nasrallah are two sides of a terrorism knife. They behead people and use Palestine as a slogan to enable them to massacre the innocent and the poor whose destiny was thrown into the poisonous knives of both groups.

Strangely, most of the victims were not supposed to be enemies in the dictionaries of terrorist groups. They are Muslims who believe in the oneness of Allah and Arabs who practice the religion established in this territory since thousands of years, so they believe in the same Allah who should be worshipped by the two groups.

This picture is depicted in the minds of people who have been polluted by those crazy for blood, killing, crucifixion, torture and jumping from an elevated site to the delight of the followers of Al-Baghdadi and Nasrallah. Within 24 hours, both of them came out with two explosive speeches containing threats against whoever disagreed with them.

They threatened nations and societies which did not succumb to their intimidation as if these nations were jinxed such that they could not get out of the tunnel of savagery, where the deadly criminal groups were pushing them before they entered a darker and more horrible tunnel.

In the past ten years, the two groups committed more crimes than those recorded in the histories of the Tartars and Mongols. The second man dragged his country into destructive wars from which Lebanon reaped only misery and further division. He threw the country’s institutions into an unknown vacuum while striving to actualize only the objectives of Iran, and those regarded as the noblest people – Shiites, Sunnis, Christians and Druze – gained nothing.

The other one pushed Iraq into the furnace of societal division and civil war whereby children became orphans, buildings destroyed, farms burnt, udder dehydrated and tens of thousands displaced. They set up slave markets to sell freeborn women into slavery.

Nasrallah does not differ from Al-Baghdadi in language, term or conduct. If the first outlawed the blood of Syrians through his declaration that the road to Jerusalem passes from Al-Qadeer, Al-Zabadani, Halab, Homs and Edleb; the second made the road a ‘sacred city’ under the Israeli occupation 67 years ago passing through Rigga, Falouja, Ramadi, Mosul, Daraa and Yarmouk Camp in Damascus. Is this really the road to Jerusalem? Or is it the road that will pave way for Israel to live safely and peacefully under and Arab world; which has been dismantled and torn by loathsome sectarian, doctrinal, religious and racial chaos?

What differentiates the speeches of Nasrallah and Al-Baghdadi from the racial isolation wall which Israel established in Palestine? Don’t they lift the same barriers among Arabs and Muslims? They increased the suffering of the people of Deer Al-Balah, Al-Bareej, Nablis, Ariha and Jerusalem by weakening the Arab countries.

Since 1980, Nasrallah has been wearing the Iranian political gown – even when he was fighting against Israel, as his operations were in line with the stances of Tehran. For example, when the siege toughened in the 1980s, his group kidnapped foreigners and hijacked planes. They carried out assassinations, explosions and massacres. Yet, when the group’s existence was threatened in Syria, he left Israel behind and pointed his gun to the chests of Syrians.

From then on, the incubator of al-Qaeda has been hatching terrorists, including Al-Baghdadi and the heritage of Abu Mosaab Al-Zarqawi whose knife slaughtered the necks of several Iraqis and innocent foreigners; yet he did not shoot any of the Israelis. Is it not true that the Zionist entity is the only winner amidst all this?

This nation will not be rescued until it takes a firm stand to end disagreements on temporary interests and to protect itself. Therefore, the only way to save the nation is to control radical and terrorist groups; irrespective of the political and emotional considerations, because these monsters will continue devouring the body of the nation if we keep on giving them preference.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

This news has been read 10877 times!

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